Black is mesmerising and fabulous and it’s the only colour worth wearing, wouldn’t you agree? Last week we’ve covered all the reasons why this particular hue is fashion’s darling and why so many are obsessed with it, therefore covering the best fashion quotes on black. This week we’re off to another quest and that is the list of 3 black items every woman needs to own in her wardrobe.


There comes a point in every woman’s lifetime when she gets a little restless and bit rebellious. When times like these hit there’s no better way to go through them than by rocking a black leather jacket. Edgy, but never plain, the black biker jacket can elevate any outfit while making you look tough and powerful.

Black ladies leather biker jacket
Black biker jacket


It’s a tale as old as time that regardless of age and style, every woman should own at least one little black dress in her closet. It’s the go to piece when everything else seem to fail. Bareback, maxi, mini, shirt like or blazer shaped, the choice is endless. Our recommendation? Well, feel free to indulge in this season’s power lbd, the bareback lacy number. We love this particular piece because it’s so easy to dress it down or dress it up. For a more casual look combine it with a turtleneck underneath to imitate the 90s iconic Rachel’s look in Friends, or elevate it a bit by wearing it without a bra.

Black bareback lacy 90s slip on dress
Little black dress


The most revolutionary item ever invented in fashion is this season’s most coveted fashion piece. The black velvet jumpsuit is this year’s most sought after item in our store and the reason behind it is the fact that you can wear it with pretty much anything. From high heels to ankle boots, with chunky sweaters or edgy biker jackets, there’s pretty much no wrong choice here.

Black bareback velvet jumpsuit
Bareback velvet jumpsuit

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