3 items you need to have on you when you go wild at Coachella

Coachella outfits

Every year, the season of festivals starts at the beginning of March and goes on throughout the whole spring and summer. Throughout these months, people, artists and music connoisseurs are getting out of their “Netflix and chill” phase and into “Party like a rock star” mood joining like-minded individuals which celebrate life together in the most spectacular way possible. Dancing is inevitable part and so is getting wasted. But festival season is also the time of the year when slammin’ style graces the stadiums and deserts. It’s exactly these venues where practicality almost always replaces the sparkle of the winter sequins and for those of us who work in fashion it’s a real treat for sore eyes. We get inspired by the celebratory mood and fall into some kind of festival frenzy whenever there’s a Boho outfit on display. So naturally, this year at Bastet Noir, we’ve decided to make a collection that’s dedicated to the festival fashion. Here are 3 items you absolutely need to have on you when you hit Coachella or any other festival this season.

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