4 Best Christmas Party Dresses

It’s almost December, so “Winter Is Coming” will be a phrase widely used at our Bastet Noir offices these few remaining days of November. Songs like “All I want for Christmas is you” will be on repeat, Irish hot cocoa beverages will be our choice of drink mixed with just a splash of whiskey (don’t judge) and wild weekend parties will be on our agenda filled with plenty of fabulous sequins to make up for the dark cold days that follow. However, there’s one burning question that won’t leave us alone. What will we wear for the wildest night of them all? If you, just like us, are asking this same question, than here’s the list of 4 Christmas party dresses you should consider rocking.


Sequin party dress
Shimmering, shinning, splendid sequin dress

Ain’t a thing like a little bling and to fight the winter blues, sequins are all we need in our lives this season. Shimmering, shining, splendid… They have one purpose and one purpose only, to add a bit of fun edge to winter’s dullness. Depending on your idea of fun, there are two choices here, you can either dare to go with all sequin dress or rock a sequin detail party dress. It entirely depends on your mood.


Velvet short black bareback dress
Bareback black velvet short dress

Rich velvet is this winter’s most luxurious fabric, so if your fashion taste is leaning towards more subtle luxury, this should be your party choice too. If you ask us, we would go with a black version always, but a dark pink velvet shirt dress could also be an interesting choice here. 


Metallic wrap up shirt dress
Metallic lame short dress

This beauty is way over our budget, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about it, right? Futuristic appeal gets us everytime, so we’re planning to slay this year’s Christmas party in a hot metallic short dress.


Satin silk short millennial pink dress
Silk satin short pink dress

Silk satin dresses are what we prefer to wear in the summertime because of the fabric’s smooth fall against our skin, but because of the opulent touch and the lavish look, every once in a while, we also love to mix them with sweaters and elegant faux fur coats.

What’s your choice for this year’s wildest night of them all?

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