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5 Party Looks That Will Steal The Spotlight

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Silver turtleneck maxi dress
Turtleneck maxi silver dress retailing at Bastet Noir

After Halloween is gone, a fresh season filled with events and fabulous parties unrolls and as usual we have a wardrobe filled with clothes and yet nothing to wear. Oh, the horror, imagine that! Being on a tight budget, we decided to make a list of 5 party outfits that will definitely steal the spotlight and make you the irrifutable queen of the night. So these are the 5 party looks that make us grab that cocktail drink and scream at the top of our lungs “Forever Young”.


Dark blue velvet suit
Velvet suit by Bastet Noir

Depending on the formality of the party, a suit will always save the day or night, whenever you feel like partying really. It looks powerful and feisty, so if you aim to close a potential deal just before New Year’s this power look will definitely get you on the right track and impress all the right people. Since velvet is so in this season, you can opt for a dark blue velvet blazer and pantscombo, or if you do want to make it look a little bit more playful, choose a golden velvet one.


Golden sequin mini dress
Golden sequin mini dress with bareback golden sequin details

Take a walk on the wild side in bareback sequin mini dress. If you do want to have fun and you’re hitting a night club, than rocking a hot cocktail sequin dress should be your choice of wardrobe. It’s festive, flirtatious and daring and will most likely make you slay on the dance floor. Head turning pieces vary from hot maxi dresses to ultra mini sequin embellished ones.


Casual black maxi shirt dress

Casual and maxi don’t always go together but we think we might have found the perfect dress that just might blend these two together. The shirt dress is the perfect choice when you’re too lazy to make an effort but you want to look like you’ve actually made an effort. If you’re hit with the lazy fever, a regularmaxi shirt dress should do the trick or whichever piece you choose from these amazing party dresses will be just fine.


Golden sequin jacket
Sequin blazer

Ever since Jenna Lyons showed us how to rock sequins and make them unpretentious, we’re obsessed with sequin jackets to be honest, especially those with subtle matte sequins. They do have the certain sassy appeal, because hello they are sparkly, but their wild nature can also be tamed so they can look pretty casual when paired with jeans. The result is best of both worlds in one hot piece of clothing.


Silver sequin plunging neckline jumpsuit


Trying to bring all the boys to the yard? Well than a daring plunging neckline jumpsuit should definitely be your flirty secret. If you’re hitting the club go for this variation, if you’re going to a more formal type of gathering do carry on a blazer to add a bit of power and dominance.

The time to prepare yourselves for yet another exciting season of frivolous parties and responsible drinking gatherings has officially arrived gals. May these outfits inspire you to kick it up a notch on your next night out with your besties or a romantic dinner with your significant other. This season everything goes, as long as it’s daring and sparkly.

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