Bareback gold sequin mini dress
Badass sequins are always a good idea

Sparkly season has just began and so has our quest for the perfect little party dress. They say simple is always the best option, but considering the fact that we’ve been so minimalistic in our fashion choices lately, as Christmas approaches, we want to shake things up a bit. Thus, being the sequin-y queeny is what we’re aiming for, because sequins are fun and playful and this year we’ve developed a master plan on how to dominate them. So here are 5 sequin dresses we are totally planning on rocking, so we can send off this year in style and leap into the next one powered by boldness.


If you’re looking for something both casual and sparkly, than go with the turtleneck silver maxi dress. The dress follows the natural line of your body, while covering up all the wrong spots. It’s the piece you’ll most likely wear over and over again.

Turtleneck maxi silver sequin dress
Silver turtleneck maxi dress


There are three things you need to party like a rockstar. One is the biker leather jacket obviously. The second one is a pair of biker boots, we prefer the ankle ones. And the last one is a fabulous sequin slip on dress that’s just the right combination of Bianca Jagger and Jane Birkin. It doesn’t get any rocker than this.

Slip on sequin dress
Free People sequin party dress


Subtle, yet powerful, the sequin shirt dress is the classy version with playful twist on the little black dress. Believe us, you can’t go wrong with this one. The wrap-up cut makes this dress adjustable to any figure and the dramatic front opening adds an edgy note of subdued sex appeal.

Sequin shirt dress


If extravagant look is what you seek, extravagant look is what you gonna get. The ruffle sequin dress is every bit dramatic as a thigh high slit dress, except that it comes with a hint of romanticism, because hello, it’s ruffles we’re talking about. Pair it with a hot pair of stilettos and you’ll officially own the night.

Ruffle sequin mini dress
Ruffle sequin mini dress


Drama comes with sensual bearing of the back. So if you’re a fan of dramatic looks, than the bareback sequin dress is the perfect party dress you need to own this season. Choose a more laid back, oversized style if you prefer the casual variations. If on the other hand you welcome drama with open arms all sequin one should be your go to piece.

Bareback golden sequin dress
Bareback golden mini sequin dress

Spark it up this season by going all in with sequins. Whichever you choose, we promise you won’t regret it. 

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