6 Rules For Mastering The Ethereal Effortless Look Of An IT French Girl 

Jane Birkin, the ultimate French gal
Jane Birkin, the ultimate French girl

Paint me like one of your French girls, Jack is a phrase I first heard of while watching Titanic. Scrolling through the beautiful sketches of numerous women in the movie, you can’t help but feel a bit jealous of this mesmerizingly beautiful creatures. But, you see, the thing is capturing the allure and essence of a French girl is never an easy task to do. There’s something about those French women that’s so simple and effortless not everyone can translate onto a canvas. Seems like they’re programmed to lure you in with their slender figure, perfect bone structure and seductive face dimples. But this is not the most impressive thing about them really. It’s their style actually that’s a bit of a mystic for us because even though it’s minimal and so simple, it’s never boring and dull. How do they do it? It’s an enigma really, but worry not as we’re on a mission to dissect it and give you the right recipe for achieving the ethereal effortless look of an IT French girl. Ready? Here it goes.


Margo and Me, white silk shirt
Margo and Me

Whatever you do, DO NOT ever forget that your first go-to piece should be a loose fit white shirt. Remember this is the staple, the Holy Grail of French flair and a must-have piece in your wardrobe when you seek both comfort and style. We recommend going for the silk version when you dress to impress or if you aim for edgy chicness, than this cotton oversized white shirt with black hem details is something worth considering.


French barrette hat
Rockin’ a barrette, because it’s such a French way to do

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a girl wearing a barrette it instantly reminds me of Paris. Maybe it’s that iconic Carrie Bradshaw moment in Sex & The City, or maybe it’s just me. Who knows really, but I do believe that if you do want to french it up, you should own at least one of this goofy accessories, plus it’s the perfect cover up for when you have a bad hair day. Damn those smart Frenchies, they think of everything.


Bareback slip on maxi golden dress
Maxi ocher gold bareback dress, perfect for sultry nights

French women will always find a way to be seductive. They can do it in a simple white shirt with just a hint of lace lingerie peeking out or slaying a dramatic bareback. If sultry nights is what you’re aiming for, a bareback dress will surely be your best piece to dazzle the world or you bae.


Pinstripe dark blue poncho dress
Dark blue pinstriped poncho dress

Another thing that’s so French is the pinstripe pattern. The thing is that whenever I see this pattern it reminds me of Coco Chanel, the ultimate French gal and it’s probably because of her that it’s perceived as one of the 5 pieces that make the foundation of French sophistication. Ask any French girl what she owns in her closet, a pinstripe shirt or a pinstripe dress will always be part of their answer. 


Caroline De Maigret
Caroline De Maigret

When you see a French woman, her face is always the first thing you notice about her. Maybe it’s their flawless bone structure, but I do believe it’s their make up routine and their sharp know-how skills to emphasise their face features with as little make-up as possible. 


Jane Birkin, messy hair bun
Jane Birkin

French women are masters when it comes to making a messy hair a thing of beauty. The messy hair bun is practically invented by them, so if you do want to look like these alluring creatures you’ll have to master the art of making messy hair look like it’s carefully styled. 

We love the crisp and refined allure of French women and firmly believe that there’s only one woman to be blamed for their irresistibility, Coco Chanel. She was the one who made us fall in love with them. She’s the one who liberated the French from the overbaring corsets and put them into slick, comfortable little black dresses. She brought comfort to French girls and turned them from Marie Antoinettes to Jane Birkins. However, it’s their confidence and self-esteem that elevated their seemingly minimal outfits to brand new heights and that’s why we have so much respect for their one of a kind style.

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