Warm socks, soft pjs, hot cocoa and chestnuts is what winter’s all about. We live for those moments when we get home, snuggle with our pet or favorite human, put Netflix on and chill with a hot cocoa cup or tea in one hand, wrapped in soft cozy blanket. However, there come times, like every Monday, when we have to leave the comfort and warmth of our own home to go to work or mingle with friends. We know, it’s extremely hard, especially when the temperature outside drops bellow zero. In times like these we need something that will be as warm and cozy as our favorite blanket, something that won’t compromise our stylish outfit while at the same time keep us warm. So naturally what else will blend in both comfort and style, if not for the cozy sweaters.

With versitale choice comes big responsibility and with big responsibility comes even bigger pressure to look cool. Fear not gals, we’re here to help a gal out. Here are season’s 6 must-have sweaters.