DRAGAN HRISTOV: Ludus, the balance between good and evil


Nobody can blend in, both soft and raw, quite as masterfully as Dragan does. His ability to get out the dark, powerful side out of literally anyone is unparalleled. And we’re not saying this in a bad way. You can’t teach this kind of thing, nor can you learn it, it’s like magic, either you have it in you or you don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Dragan Hristov, the designer behind Ludus label

Dragan Hristov, a self taught fashion designer is a simple, cheerful guy, everyone loves, who gets his formal education as a contemporary art student in Milan, at the Academy of Fine Arts- Brera. He designs behind the Ludus label, which comes from the Latin word (Ludus — game, play, trifle, jest, joke), which is exactly what he does with fashion, he plays with it, molding the results into often splendid pieces of playful perfection. He has the unique capability to spot the sassiest and sexiest parts of your body and than create clothes around those points. It’s fascinating really, to be able to see how this genius constructs his collections.

From XYYX collection by LUDUS

Every collection hides a different story and even though oftentimes they are inspired by sadness and melancholy, there’s certain thread of optimism that’s hauntingly omnipresent. His collections have been part of Bastet Noir for quite some time now, so we set down with him to talk about his motivation, desires and things he just can’t live without.

A dress from YUME collection by LUDUS
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