FASHION ICON: Winona Forever

Some people define her as the woman who ruled the 90s, others think of her as the last connection to old Hollywood. Whatever you want to call her, Winona Ryder is one of those women whose style will always be remembered and celebrated among those who love fashion. She holds special place in the hearts of the millennials. As a poster child for the 1990s, she marked a decade known for its decadence and rebellious mood. Her rocker goth style will go down in history as decade’s most sassy fashion look, as she will always be remembered for adding note of chicness in mom jeans and making them oh, so cool. Her rise to stardom in the 90s was a mix of incredible acting talent, famous boyfriends, badass outfits and rebel “I don’t give a fuck” attitude which kind of gave her that unique soft rawness.

Rebel by nature or perhaps simply pushed too far by her fame, her defiant period was tumultuous and quite interesting for a spectator and a bystander. However, it did not undermine her character of being this brilliant actress whose choices of roles are even better than her choices of outfits. After all, you don’t become Tim Burton’s muse if you don’t have some kinky briliance in you, now do ya?

Bastet Noir has always been celebrating those women whose aura has the ability to throw masses into a trans state of admiration and Winona Ryder is undeniably the woman who commended the 90s. So here we celebrate her simplicity, brilliance and attitude. Here’s to Winona forever.

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