JOVANA ZUKA, the portrait of a millenial fashion icon

Jovana Zuka

If Bastet Noir was a cup of tea, she would’ve been our honey. Sweet, intelligent, and the tireless perfectionist, this girl is the real deal. A definition of multi hyphenate millennial, her talents range from being a photographer/killer-stylist/some-serious-kickass-story-teller. And they don’t stop there.

Jovana Zuka’s featured photo is the streetstyle section of

Her strongest asset is the ability to capture the best version of people, their soul, their vulnerability. She’s not affraid to dive in deep and find the uniqueness of every person, who stands in front of her lense. Her photographs always tell stories, they get the best out of people and perhaps that’s why she’s managed to get the attention from fashion’s big guys. Voguefeatured her in their street-style section, designers, constantly want to get a piece of her, e-commerce shops are just dying for her to wear one of their pieces and beauty brands are flying her all across Europe to mingle with celebrities like Gerard Buttler. But what’s the most impressive thing about her is that despite all of these successful things she’s accomplished, she remains totally grounded and so adorably cool.

A marketeer by day and fashion musketeer by night, for over a year now she’s been the glue that’s holding our brand together and we couldn’t be any prouder of having such an impressive person as part of our team. Sometimes we wonder, how on earth did we get so lucky?

So here she is, exclusively for Bastet Noir, she’s baring her fragile fashion-photographer-story-teller soul, allowing us to evade her personal space and see what makes her who she is.

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