NICOLE DOTTO: 👑the Cali queen of vintage👑

Nicole Dotto

Before Lucky magazine ceased to exist, she was their favorite vintage icon. Being placed among the top 40 vintage stores in the world two years in a row (2013 & 2014), made this lady the hottest vintage seller in the world. Her vintage finds are not only fun to look at, but have life of their own. She has this aura around her that you can rarely find in another person. She’s managed to make a brand name thanks to her sixth sense for finding the most interesting and on-point vintage pieces, her creative approach and sharp self-portrait photography. Whenever you see a photo with her finds, you know it’s Dotto vintage and that ladies is what makes or brakes a business in our industry. She’s been part of Bastet Noir for a year now, so we thought the time has finally come to show the world what this lady is really made of.

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