THE FLAMBOYANT 80s: blurred gender boundaries


Oversized shoulder puffs, bright colors, leather jackets, dramatic make-up and nasty women who were loud and brave enough to bring society down to its knees. That pretty much sums up the crazy vibe of the wild 80s and perhaps that’s one of the main reasons behind this decade’s appeal. Never a dull moment when it comes to fashion either, the 80s were so enthralling and enchanting that no fashionista who dares call herself one is immune to this decade’s charm.

The 80s were a pretty interesting period of time when gender boundaries got blurred and fashion was used as a way to define personality and make a statement rather than act as a show of status like it was back at the beginning of the 2000s. Being the most liberating period in fashion, today we thank those who made the 80s one of the most fascinating and flamboyant moment in the history by celebrating their differences and stage personas. Enjoy, why don’t ya!

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