TREND ALERT: The Fabulous Turtleneck

Remember that iconic, all-white Dolce and Gabanna pantsuit look in “Made in Manhattan”, the one Jennifer Lopez rocked? If you ask us, we remember it vividly, because it was the first time we’ve actually fell in love with a clothing item, namely the turtleneck. Not really sure, whether it was the outfit or the woman wearing it, what we can say with 100% certainty though is that we were absolutely and irrevocably captured by the power of it. The complete look commended attention, especially the turtleneck that breathe in a dose of freshness into an otherwise boring ensemble, making the look polished and refined.
Maid in Manhattan all white look
Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan

Rewind fifteen years later, the turtleneck trend is back, stronger than ever and we’re doing our happy feet dance, because we simply love it and can’t deny it. And since we’re basically obsessed with it, we’re going to show you how to make it totally cool and relevant in 2017. 




Slip dress and a turtleneck
Tommy Hilfiger FW 2017

Layers are huge this season and what a better way to layer it up than mashing two of the hottest 90s trends, splendid turtlenecks and romantic slip dresses. The look is perfect for all the rebel babes that won’t conform and constantly seek to add a dose of edginess into their outfit.




Power suit and a turtleneck
Stella McCartney pre-fall 2017

First thing that comes to our minds when we think of femme fatale is a slick pantsuit. There’s some kind of unapologetic power attached to it that bewitches everyone around you and this year that power has become even greater with the combination of the turtleneck sweater and the crisp blazer. Girlbosses around the world, if you dress to impress than this should be one of your go-to outfits.




Silver turtleneck maxi dress
Bastet Noir AW2017 silver turtleneck maxi dress

Battling winter blues has become sort of like a ritual for us when December gloomy days hit. Want to know how we do it? We spark it up in a shimmering silver dress and this year we’ve decided to opt for a turtleneck figure flattering maxi. Murder on the dance-floor it is.

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