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THE COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Alejandra Boggiano, the founder of Solkissed and The Girlfriend Box

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Alejandra Boggiano wearing the Rhea Dress by Bastet Noir
Alejandra Boggiano wearing the Rhea Dress by Bastet Noir

As an individual, oftentimes we feel powerless in almost every aspect of impacting a real societal change. We often believe that the will of one, regardless of how strong it might be, is simply not enough to make a significant change in poverty stricken communities. We think that making a real change is impossible and maybe in some cases that’s true. But there are times when just a single reaction of only one individual can cause a chain of events that affects the whole community for better or worse. 

Chrissy Teigen wearing Solkissed for Sports Illustrated

Alejandra Boggiano, the founder of Solkissed, a swimwear company, is one of those people who doesn’t just sit and watch as her native country of Peru was being torn apart by poverty back in 2012, but decided to take an action and do something about it. So she based all of her production in Peru and decided to collaborate only with women micro entrepreneurs who would hand make the swimsuits, working to deliver exquisite elaborative pieces of art. The daring cut-outs, lacy details, and cool graphics on a variety of swimsuits caught the eye of the SportsIllustratedteam that featured her in a spread for their 50th anniversary issue where Chrissy Teigen, Irina Shayk, Lily Aldridge, Emilly Ratajkowski and Chanel Iman modeled the swimsuits, after which Nordstrom started to carry the line. Today she is a co-founder of yet another cool start up, The Girlfriend Box, a curated fashion gift box delivered monthly, which makes her a totally impressive badass girlboss, therefore also the next cool face of Bastet Noir. So read on, as she shares valuable lessons for all future entrepreneurs, her proudest moment to date and her favorite Bastet Noir pieces.

Irina Shyak wearing Solkissed for Sports Illustrated

BASTET NOIR: Who is Alejandra Boggiano?

I am a Peruvian-American designer and creative director living in Los Angeles, CA.

After graduating San Diego State University with a Communications degree, I continued to study Fashion Design at the at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Since then, I have launched two fashion companies Solkissed and Girlfriend Box and created designs worn by many major celebrities and bloggers.

BASTET NOIR: We love the exceptional story behind Solkissed, mostly because the pieces are handmade by micro entrepreneurs in Peru. The craftsmanship is amazing and through every design you can’t help but get that South American feel. Do you find it challenging maintaining this way of working when you’re faced with big orders from retailers?

On the contrary, Solkissed by allowing women to work from home, has helped solved a huge employee turnaround issue we were having. By allowing most of the women to work from home, we allow them to have flexibility on their schedules, and we increased production as they get paid per item they manufacture.

BASTET NOIR: Tell us a bit more about the Girlfriendbox business

Girlfriend Box is a new business venture, my best friend Arianny Celeste and I started earlier this year. We style fashion gift boxes with the outfits, beauty products and accessories we most love. Each month we curate new boxes and for only $69 our customers get over $200 worth of product and outfits.

BASTET NOIR: Things you wish you knew before starting out

How important legal documents are and to have a lawyer helping you out from the beginning.

BASTET NOIR: Most valuable advice you’ve received

You can’t do it all, invest in the experts

BASTET NOIR: Female power figure you admire

I really do take so much inspiration from all my friends. I surround myself by a wonderful group of power women that inspire me each day in so many ways.

BASTET NOIR: Best female empowerment motivational speech

I have so many I hear. Mostly about entrepreneurship and success. They all seem to have the same theme and the truth is that patience and hard work pay off.

BASTET NOIR: Proudest moment to date

My brand Solkissed being sold at Nordstrom. I worked at Nordstrom all through college, from working at the cafe, to selling women’s shoes to years later selling my brand in stores. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. Still working on more moments to be proud of.

BASTET NOIR: What’s in your Bastet Noir cart?

Everything silk is just killing me! So so beautiful!

Alejandra Boggiano wearing the Rhea Dress by Bastet Noir
Alejandra Boggiano wearing the Rhea Dress by Bastet Noir

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