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Custom-Made According To Client's Measurements By Community of Women Single Parents


Cashmere is one of the most refined fabrics in the world due to the tumultuous and labour intensive production process. It happens during spring, when goats’ hair is moulting. People who are in charge of making this fabric, carefully comb goat’s hair and manually sort out the good fibre from the bad. Once cleaned and processed, the wool from a single cashmere goat only amounts to around 100grams (4ounces). This process then is followed by cleaning the good fibre, hand-spinning it and weaving it in, to make the solid structure of cashmere. It takes several months to a year for highly skilled artisans to weave the fabric on wooden looms. 
Cashmere is a natural fiber, therefore biodegradable! It also has naturally antibacterial properties. The fabric's softness is best preserved when hand washed.
The cashmere material we use is deadstock, meaning we give left over fabrics a second chance to become something amazing.
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