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mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

1000 skopje

mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

1000 skopje

Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm



As women we love CRAFTSMANSHIP and appreciate HANDMADE techniques, that's why we make sure all the fine details are hand stitched by artisan seamstress. All of Bastet Noir's pieces are responsibly produced and diverse with a design that's the perfect blend between timeless appeal and contemporary edginess. We work with a COOPERATIVE OF SINGLE MOTHERS and women micro entrepreneurs so every garment you buy contributes to their welfare and helps them educate and raise their children. 

Our MADE TO MEASURE approach ensures that every single dress, jumpsuit or suit you purchase from us is tailor made to fit your own silhouette. 


Pinstripe Dress - BastetNoir

Pinstripe Dress

Spot The Dot Dress - BastetNoirOut of stock

Spot The Dot Dress

Bell sleeve short dress - BastetNoir

Bell sleeve short dress

Black ruffle bareback dress - BastetNoir

Black ruffle bareback dress

The smocking dress - BastetNoir

The smocking dress

Suede brown shirt dress - BastetNoirOut of stock

Suede brown shirt dress

Suede maxi dress  - BastetNoir

Suede maxi dress 

From $46.00
Short black lace dress - BastetNoir

Short black lace dress

Shirt dress - BastetNoirOut of stock

Shirt dress

Short shirt dress - BastetNoir

Short shirt dress

Short shirt dress - BastetNoir

Short shirt dress

Plunging neckline knit dress - BastetNoir

Plunging neckline knit dress

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