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mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

1000 skopje

mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

1000 skopje

Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm



Pleated plunging neckline brown midi dress with side slit and long sleeves- BastetNoir

The Luyu Dress

The Nayla Dress - BastetNoir

The Nayla Dress

The Awinita Dress - BastetNoir

The Awinita Dress

The Maiara Dress - BastetNoir

The Maiara Dress

The Halona Dress - BastetNoir

The Halona Dress

Plunging neckline jumpsuit - BastetNoir

Plunging neckline jumpsuit

The Hera Jumpsuit - BastetNoir

The Hera Jumpsuit

The Stevie Dress - BastetNoir

The Stevie Dress

The Maia Jumpsuit - BastetNoir

The Maia Jumpsuit

Bareback velvet jumpsuit - BastetNoir

Bareback velvet jumpsuit

The Athena Dress - BastetNoir

The Athena Dress

Mint Bareback Maxi Dress - BastetNoir

Mint Bareback Maxi Dress

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