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mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

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mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

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Somewhere over the high rocky cliffs of Sicily, the vineyards that bathe in sunshine in Toscana, the artful urban streets filled with history of Rome, Milan and Florence and the mesmerizing coast of Amalfi, there's a woman without whom these places would be just hollow spaces. She brings light to every dark corner of a city and breathes life among those rocky abandoned fields. Her strong presence demands attention, because of her undeniable witchy charm and charisma. Her strength lies in her ability to walk tall in times when she carries the world on her shoulders, run  fearlessly from things that no longer serve her and always stand her ground for what she believes in. She is the Italian woman. 

The Italian Affair collection is a nod to these women. Inspired by strong Italian women throughout history, this collection covers range of classy dresses and jumpsuits, made of rich florals and sassy graphic prints to celebrate women's voluptuous curves, as well as their internal strength. Each clothing item has its name from a remarkable Italian woman who in some way has contributed to paving the path to emancipation, education and empowerment of women. These courageous historical figures have all contributed to the freedom we enjoy today as women. So these collection is our thanks for all the sacrifices they've made.

Click here to see behind the scenes of how the inspiration developed from an idea to an actual wearable collection.  

The Monica Dress - BastetNoir

The Monica Dress

The Sophia Dress - BastetNoir

The Sophia Dress

The Rita Dress - BastetNoir

The Rita Dress

The Tina Jumpsuit - BastetNoir

The Tina Jumpsuit

The Chiara Dress - BastetNoir

The Chiara Dress

The Viola Jumpsuit - BastetNoir

The Viola Jumpsuit

The Eleonora Dress - BastetNoirOut of stock

The Eleonora Dress

The Elena Dress - BastetNoir

The Elena Dress

The Maria Dress - BastetNoir

The Maria Dress

The Franca Dress - BastetNoir

The Franca Dress

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