Sustainable cashmere and wool tailor made winter coat - Bastet Noir
Sustainable cashmere and wool tailor made winter coat - Bastet Noir

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Winter essentials: Coffee in an IV and these coats


Ordering Custom For Dummies

Want a tailor fit, but you don't know where to start? The measuring tape is refusing to cooperate as nonsensical numbers keep popping out? Don't fret, we got you covered.

Bellow you'll find the ultimate guide that will show you how to tame that disobedient beast and take measurements like a pro.

Sustainable Fabrics

Every piece is made of discarded deadstock materials thrown away by luxury fashion houses fished out of family-run warehouses locally in North Macedonia.

Zero Waste

Our On-Demand, Zero-Stock production model eliminates unnecessary waste and helps keeps our lands, water, and air clean.

Custom Fit

Standard sizing is old fashioned. We stand for size inclusivity by tailoring every piece according to clients' measurements.

Carbon Neutral

Preserving nature is our responsibility, which is why we use carbon-neutral shipping and offset all emissions created.

Women Behind The Seams

Every piece is produced locally by a community of women single parents in North Macedonia, where the average monthly salary is typically less than $300.

Through The Women Fund, you are able to help support these rockstars through tips, which keep their small studios thriving.

the women fund
Women single parents seamstresses at Bastet Noir
Women single parents seamstresses Bastet Noir

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