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Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm


mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

1000 skopje

mito hadzivasilev jasmin 48,

1000 skopje

Mon-Fri, 9am-7pm


Fashion made FOR YOU by YOU!

Call us your own PERSONAL TAILOR. We create custom, bespoke fabulous clothing that suit your personal style which fit, flatter and follow your body shape.


"Bastet Noir creates for women who are not afraid to roar, speak up, motivate and empower. We design for strong and bold badass babes with powerful voices, individuality and substance. We celebrate every inch of imperfection through personalized and custom fashion pieces, made to embrace every woman's body type. "

Daniela Milosheska, founder of Bastet Noir

 Just like the WOMEN we create for, we're a work-in-progress, but one hell of a piece of art.


We believe in consuming fashion responsibly that's why we have NO WASTE POLICY. Every piece of clothing we make is tailor made according to customer's measurements and produced only when a customer orders it. Our on-demand production promotes sustainability by reducing waste and is environmentally conscious and friendly. By not keeping inventory, we eliminate unnecessary waste and make high quality fashion pieces, personalized to fit your TASTE and your CURVES. 


Each Bastet Noir's garment is ethically produced by an artisan seamstress. As women we love craftsmanship and appreciate handmade techniques, that's why we make sure all the fine details are hand stitched, responsibly produced and diverse.



Our pieces are manufactured in a small production studio in Skopje, Macedonia. We work with a COMMUNITY OF SINGLE MOTHERS and women micro entrepreneurs so every garment you buy contributes to their welfare and helps them educate and raise their children. 



Making the world a better place, ONE WOMAN at a time.