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BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Golden Girls Collection

golden girls collection gold color two piece set with cut out details

The Golden Girls Collection draws inspiration from the California coast and its vibrant surf culture. Inspired by the serenity vibe of the sunny coastline that has come to define the West Coast, the collection also pays homage to the women surfers who helped shape the sport, inspiring entire future generations of young women. Representing the California surf culture, the line honors the women who paved the way for generations of female surfers. It is a small tribute to their incredible talent, untamed nature and strength of character. Celebrating the clash of waves against miles-long sandy beaches, the incredibly surreal colors of the Cali sunsets, it is also honoring Mother Nature at its finest hour. May we never forget those seemingly small, but enormously significant moments.

Let’s dive right in the production process, shall we?

Inspiration Behind the Designs

The designs in The Golden Girls collection are focused on structured tailoring, minimalistic silhouettes, and feminine touches. The 90s minimalism mixed with Cali chic is perfectly represented in every piece, and the color palette is inspired by the shades of sand, hues of ocean water and Malibu sunsets. We chose earthy tones and pastels to match sun-kissed skin, sandy beaches, and crystal-clear water. Lavender and peach hues add a touch of femininity, and we included a slightly mermaid style with gentle pleating details to resemble water waves.

Each design in the collection is perfectly fitted, with sets that are both lined and feature French seams. We wanted to create pieces that were bursting with fortitude, but also had a softer romantic appeal complemented by an artisanal craft feel. The collection’s sleek lines are toned down by the mix of a millennial touch of minimalism with the renewed appreciation of femininity.

The pieces in this collection are named after each of the women from “The Golden Girls,” a group of female surfers from California who were conquering the waves in the 1970s. Jericho Poppler, Shannon Aikman, Candy Woodward, Lisa Tomb, and Brenda Scott Rogers are the legendary surfers whose contributions helped shape the sport. Before them, Marge Calhoun, and Eve Fletcher were the most visible women taking on big waves on the North Shore of Oahu.

Materials Hunt

deadstock fabrics lavender and black color

The materials hunt as always starts with us hurdling over piles of fabric scraps and rolls in family-owned production factories across our country. The lucky few that make the cut are metered on the spot and make the trip together with us to our small office in Skopje, where they are closely inspected. Here, Elena and I work together to carefully inspect, roll, and store them before transporting them to women-owned small production studios in Skopje.

The fabric selection process to find the perfect pastel and earthy-toned satin fabrics for our latest collection surprisingly didn’t take as long time as for our previous collections. We spent around 5 hours on this one. 

Production Process

The production process is the most exhausting aspect of every collection. It involves numerous fittings, late-night discussions about seams, patterns, and various production techniques, which can be very draining. However, the whole process can also be very rewarding, especially when you finally see the finished product. The most special part of this process is that each item is created with love by the community of single-parent women we work with. This time around, we have stepped up our game by introducing French seams, double lining, and adding patches to conceal zippers across the entire range.

In the video below, you will find a summary of the production process for The Jeri Set.



To produce a collection with a strong, confident attitude, we needed a model with an independent personality, who could not only embody physical beauty but also convey the commanding energy of a surfer and exude that essence through the screens. This is where Tanja comes in, one of the most formidable women in town. We have provided glimpses of this photo shoot on our Instagram stories, which we broadcasted live. If you missed it, you can catch up on the highlights in the video below.


The Transparency — Pricing

Two years ago, we made the decision to be completely transparent, and we continue to uphold that tradition this year with a few minor tweaks. In light of everything happening in the world, we believe that it is our responsibility to alleviate your stress, particularly when it comes to shopping. After all, shopping should be a pleasant and carefree experience. Each item comes with a cost breakdown that shows the exact production costs and the precise number of hours it took us to create it. You can locate this breakdown in the highlights section of our Instagram page.

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