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Being part of a celebration of couple’s love story always makes us an emotional train-wreck. Hysterical laughter, often accompanied with tears of joy and tingling sensations all over is the exact depiction of how we feel when our clients send us captured bits of their special wedding moments rocking bridesmaids dresses by Bastet Noir. To be honest it really feels like an honor of the highest degree to be able to be part of those memorable times in a person’s life. Of course, such an honor comes with a great responsibility, but we’ve never been the ones to shy away from it. Instead, we welcome it with open arms and throw ourselves at the task at hand going from hunting for the perfect fabric and color, to incorporating handmade techniques to paying special attention to details by tailor making the bridesmaid dresses to fit perfectly.


Hand sewn details Bastet Noir
Hand sewing the buttons for the bridesmaid dresses

Few months ago, one gorgeous badass brunette named Christina Faulkner contacted us, asking about whether we could customize pieces from our “La Vie En Rose Collection” for her sister’s bridesmaids. She was looking for a light pink satin silk to reflect the fun mood and the desire for less fuss, her sister has set for her wedding party. Their idea was to mix old Hollywood glam style with exotic flower arrangements and tone it down with the soft pink dresses. We couldn’t be more thrilled, so we dived into the challenge. The results you ask? Well, keep on reading this amazing interview we had with the bride where she shares all the details of what the wedding planning looked like and why she chose our label for the occasion.

BASTET NOIR: Can you tell us a bit more about the theme of the wedding and what was the idea behind it?

Wedding ideas, flower arrangement, Bastet Noir
Exotic flower arrangements


MCF: I’d describe our style as eclectic. And our wedding didn’t feel any different, any one theme felt restricting, so we resisted any ‘wedding’ themes and went with colours, patterns and textures that made us feel gleeful, in the hope it would make others feel well, gleeful! The greatest challenge of having no theme was the limitless options! My Pinterest board reached 1000 pins, I’m like a magpie, it was then my poor bridesmaids that then forced us to bite the bullet and make decisions.


Wedding ideas, flower arrangement, Bastet Noir
Exotic flower arrangements


I guess the most important job of our aesthetic was to set the tone of the wedding and the day, I wanted people to feel relaxed and for it to feel fun because that’s how we are as a couple and how we like to party.


Wedding ideas, flower arrangement, Bastet Noir
Flower arrangements


I’m a strong believer that your wedding is one of the only days in your life where you get to have your PERFECT DAY, where you make all the calls, so make the most of it, do what you love, think with no limits or preconceived wedding ideals and go for the dream.


The dress you were wearing is so stunning. The design is so simple and yet so sophisticated. It sort of radiates this very jazzy, 20s Parisian, kind of Gatsby vibe. What did you love the most about it and why?


Marie Claire Faulkner with her bridesmaids, dressed in Bastet Noir
Marie Claire Faulkner with her bridesmaids, dressed in Bastet Noir

photo by enekastewart, styled by theweddingenthusiast and hair by talie_danielle

MCF: It was the sequins just so fun and glamorous! Every other dress I tried on just felt too regal and serious. As soon as I put this one on I started dancing and moving differently — I could see my two style icons — Marilyn Monroe and Diana Ross — strolling to a glamorous event in this and I was just like YAS. It felt both contemporary and Hollywood glam which I adore and was surprisingly difficult to find!

Your bridesmaids all wore dresses by Bastet Noir, so thank you for choosing our brand for your special day. You’ve chosen the designs from our “La Vie En Rose” collection, but decided to do the dresses in satin silk in a very soft pink color. Was there a meaning behind this particular shade of pink?

Bridesmaid dress by Bastet Noir
Marie Claire Faulkner’s bridesmaids wearing personalized bridesmaids’ silk dresses and jumpsuits by Bastet Noir, 

photo by enekastewart, styled by theweddingenthusiast and hair by talie_danielle

MCF: I was torn between red and pink for a while. They are colours I love to wear and are just super cute. We knew we wanted lots of dark green foliage around the venue so in the end it was the colour combination of light pink and dark green that decided it.

We love personalizing our designs. In your case, all of the bridesmaid dresses were made according to each bridesmaid’s particular measurements, so we kind of acted as your personal tailor. Would you say that the personalization part of planning the dresses together with us was a fun process?

MCF: I loved that my girls could wear different designs but still have the same gorgeous silk. The Bastet Noir designs were glamorous and contemporary just as I’d been looking for, and the designs on offer as if by magic had the same personality of my bridesmaids. I knew instantly who would wear each design and they loved the choice — win, win!

Personalized pink bridesmaid dresses from the “La Vie En Rose Collection” tailor made
Personalized pink dresses from the “La Vie En Rose Collection” tailor made for Marie Claire Faulkner’s bridesmaids

How did you hear about us and what made you decide to pick us to do the bridesmaids dresses? How would you describe your experience with us?


Personalized pink bridesmaids dresses from the “La Vie En Rose Collection” tailor made
Beautiful Kristy wearing the personalized turtleneck maxi dress by Bastet Noir, photo by enekastewart, styled by theweddingenthusiast and hair by talie_danielle


MCF: Once we decided the sort of style we were after my gorgeous little sister and bridesmaid used her superhuman Googling powers to find you on Pinterest. I think the search terms were either silky or old hollywood glam.

The team at Bastet Noir were so generous with their time, we tried our luck and asked whether we could get the designs in our colour and couldn’t believe it when you said yes! The detail in the customer service made the process really special. Particularly the sneak peak video of the dresses being made. We were hysterical!

Most fun part about your wedding night

MCF: Our ‘disco room’ decoration was inspired by Studio 54 so of course the highlight of the night was the dancing. Our first dance was an Arctic Monkeys cover of ‘Baby i’m Yours’, when I think about it I just smile, I was on cloud 9.

Marie being the dancing queen, a true murdered on the dancefloor

The last dance was Abba, Dancing Queen, the DJ, my pal came up to me just before the song and said — get the mums!! So for the last dance everyone came together, smiling, dancing, all our friends and family together — doesn’t get much better than that!

Indeed it doesn’t. 

We wish you all the happiness in the world dear Marie and thank you for choosing us for your special day. You made our team proud. We’re so grateful to be able to put smile on such amazing clients like yourself. 

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