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BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Boss Babes Collection

BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Boss Babes Collection

Directional, daring, edgy, sexy, and potent for some are just plain words, for us, these words have a significant meaning. They describe a state of mind we’d love to live forever in. It’s what we love to feel every day, all day if possible, please. Ever since founding Bastet Noir, almost 9 years ago, these words have been deeply engraved in its DNA. We’ve created so many collections with these in mind, but I gotta say nothing says “I’m in charge” quite like a workwear line. Enter The Boss Babes Collection, a line of sleek, sophisticated, and classic pieces with strict architectural design, androgynous silhouettes, and ballsy styles with a dash of excitement to spice up your gloomy work days and make that crisp air more bearable.  

It’s our immense pleasure to introduce to you our newest line in collaboration with the always thrilling and extraordinarily talented designer/stylist Pupi Milena.

Without much further ado, let’s dive in on what the process looked like for creating this.

Materials Hunt


The materials hunt as always starts with us hurdling over piles of fabric scraps and rolls in family-owned production factories across our country. The lucky few that make the cut are metered on the spot and make the trip together with us to our small office in Skopje, where they are closely inspected, carefully rolled up by the joint effort of me, Milena, and Elena, and stored in rolls which are later on transported across women-owned small production studios in Skopje. 

This time around the whole process of picking out the fabrics lasted for 10 hours straight. Our vision was to find multiple fabrics in stripes in dark autumnal hues and colors, the preferred pallet being dark navy blue, variants of grey, black, and my personal favorite olive. 

Every time we create a collection, we write about the entire process. This time, though, we chose to take a different route and put everything into a video, so it feels like you’re right there doing everything together with us. 


Production Process


The most tiring thing about every collection for me personally is the production process. Countless fittings and late-night discussions about seams, patterns, and a variety of different production methods, could be so draining, but nevertheless, the whole process is so rewarding at the moment when you get to see the final piece come to life. However, the most special part about this whole process is the fact that every item is made with so much love by the community of women single parents we work with.

In the video below, you will find the entire production process summarized from an idea to the final product.


Creating a line with so much attitude required models of a strong, independent character, faces who are not only pretty/attractive but can really translate the powerful vibes of a boss and transcend that magic through your screens. Enter, Elena and Martina, the two badest chicks in town. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably seen fragments of what it was like during this photo shoot as we were broadcasting it live on our stories, but if you missed this, you can catch up by watching pieces of it on the video down below.

The Transparency - Pricing

The decision to be completely transparent was made last year, and this year we continue the tradition with a few minor changes. We feel that it is our responsibility to reduce your stress, particularly when it comes to shopping, with everything that is going on in the world right now. Shopping ought to be enjoyable and carefree, after all. Every item contains a cost breakdown that details the precise costs incurred during production as well as the precise number of hours it took us to complete the item. You can find this breakdown in the BTS section: The Inspiration Behind the Designs for every collection or on our Instagram page in the highlights section.

Cost breakdown for The Christiana Dress 

And that’s that folks. If you want to know more about the story behind the inspiration for the designs, dive right into this Behind The Scenes: The Story Behind The Boss Babes Collection article.

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