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New Year’s Thank You Letter From Our Founder

New Year’s Thank You Letter From Our Founder

Another year has gone by and with it so many wonderful and not so wonderful things that happened. Some of them have been firsts, some of them I hope will be lasts. The time to count our blessings and reflect on what we’ve done this past year has officially arrived. So let’s get this party started.
This year has been a year of milestones and changes for me, both personally and professionally. As you gals already know, we’ve launched our new site and decided to dedicate it entirely to our own clothing line. We thought it would be better if we wanted to build a brand that will tell a story, inspire and empower rather than just sell clothes. So we’ve finally decided to take that leap. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve sold more than 500 pieces and have attracted 562 online retailers who carry the line and even got our first order from Mexico (hurray). Now, this might not look like a lot of sales, but honestly I’m so proud of this achievement, because with every sale, I feel closer to realizing my dream. It seems like it has finally taken its shape and now it’s time to mold it and I got all of you amazing women around the world to thank for all the support you’ve given me this year. However, my favorite project this year has been the launch of the “Cool Faces of Bastet Noir” series where we’ve started collaborating with fierce, badass, inspirational women to tell their inspiring stories.

Traveling for work has also been one of the blessings I was bestowed upon this year. Athens, Madrid, Brussels, Hasselt and Oslo were my destinations, where I got to present the work we do with both Bastet Noir and Coffice (my small coworking space). I met the most open minded, supportive and funny individuals who motivated me and inspired me to do better, as well as develop my mind creatively. In addition to that, I got some amazing press coverage. This might come as bragging, but the thing is that I’m actually proud of these achievements because to me the validation from like-minded individuals and those you admire and see as mentors, matters. I was in Unique, a Macedonian print fashion magazine, getting candid about my work day, things that inspire me and make me happy. I was also featured in Portret in their street style section. But what I’m actually most proud of is the article I got in Reborn where I was talking about my entrepreneurial journey.

Now, on the personal side of things, this was the year when I’ve finally mastered the art of self confidence and not the cocky kind, but the kind that takes you places, the kind that shows you that fear is just a terrible state of mind and the kind that shows you that you can do anything. I used to be so in love with my comfort zone that I was actually scared of trying anything different and terrified of every risk I took. Not this year! This year personal relationships were crucial to my evolution both as woman and an entrepreneur. Some of them showed me how to really appreciate the little things, like celebrating every single sale and take pride in each shipped item. Some of them showed me how to let go of toxic bonds that no longer serve you. Most of them taught me a lot about the significance of laughter, respect, happiness and humility. The most valuable lesson though this year was that surrounding yourself with positive people will always yield positive results and keep you sane in an otherwise insane world. In addition to that I got some amazing Secret Santa Sistas gifts (guess I’ve been a good girl this year after all) and my cat is still alive (yes, I’m a cat person), which is truly a miracle, considering the fact that I can barely take care of myself, let alone another living being, but we survived and all is good in Milosheski’s mansion. To round up the year, I got a new haircut, Jane Birkin style with some banging bangs, inspired by the badass babe Louise Follain.

What the future holds, nobody knows, but we do have some amazing plans for next year, starting with the launch of our new ALL RED COLLECTION which will be out in January and more interviews with women owners of small businesses that inspire me and make me feel like I’m not alone in this. So here’s to another great year! May it be filled with many interesting challenges and exciting opportunities and of course plenty of travels. Happy holidays lovelies and see you all next year. 

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