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COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet McKenzie Crouch, Fashion Stylist & Content Creator

McKenzie Crouch is wearing The Wangari Set by Bastet Noir , custom-made for her

 Starting something new can be equally challenging, scary and fun at the same time. But every beginning can also mean losing track of the initial idea, when instead of listening to your own gut, you start following a path paved by other success stories. This is especially tempting when the outcome isn’t as instantaneous as one has become accustomed to, in a world filled with immediate gratification in the form of likes, views and shares. This leads us to believe we need to “fit in” in order to “stand out”, which is what most people deem the winning formula. Do what the rest of the crowd does, but do it better… Or so we think. In the realm of overwhelmingly increasing types of social media posts, how can one create content that is genuine and not at all affected by the temping clutches of trends? This is a question our latest Cool Face of Bastet Noir might have an answer to.

McKenzie Crouch is a fashion stylist turned content creator who found her footing on the famous video sharing app TikTok. In a sea of quick 4 second OOTW videos, or styling outfits based on famous movie characters, McKenzie turned to what she knew best as a stylist: helping girls around the world find their style one informative video at a time. Now, over 250K followers flock to her page to find inspiration on how to create a timeless capsule wardrobe, how to properly dress for their body type and where to shop for certain pieces. It was a pleasure talking to McKenzie about all things TikTok, life, and career in our latest Cool Faces of Bastet Noir Series. If you’d like to know more keep on reading! 

McKenzie Crouch is wearing The Wangari Set by Bastet Noir , custom-made for her

Who is McKenzie Crouch?

This question is always tricky to me because I feel like I’m constantly evolving as a person. When it comes to what I do, I’m a fashion stylist and content creator based out of Atlanta, Georgia. When it comes to who I am, I’m someone who loves finding purpose and meaning in everything I do.

What’s your morning routine like?

My morning routine consists of waking up around 8AM (I’m not an early riser), feeding my cat Mars, doing my skincare routine, going for a walk with my husband, and then making a cup of coffee before I start my work day.

Most know you from your styling tip videos on your TikTok (gathering over 250K followers!), as well as your shopping recommendations and advice on dressing for a certain body shape. How did your signature video approach come to be, and did you have a clear idea of what you were gunning for when you started using TikTok as a self-branding platform?

When I first started TikTok, I had no idea what I was doing or how I wanted to use my platform. Originally, I thought if I just followed a formula of what I saw other creators doing in the fashion space, then I would grow. I quickly realized that being more true to myself and using my platform as a place to help others is how my voice was meant to be used. My video ideas were born out of my own journey with my wardrobe. I wanted to show people that you could be intentional with your style and strategic with how you shop.

McKenzie Crouch is wearing The Wangari Set by Bastet Noir , custom-made for her

In addition, you are the founder of Pretty Transformative, an Instagram-based community aimed to tackle subjects such as mental health, relationships and spirituality. Tell us all about it, how did the idea start and what is your favorite part of leading such a positive and empowering community?

I created Pretty Transformative to help educate others on mental health and to be a positive place for those struggling with their mental health. I have always been very open with my own mental health struggles, as I suffer from anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s important that our society normalizes mental health so that others can feel less alone in their struggles.

Three things you wish you knew before starting out?

Being you is enough. It’s really easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others on the internet. Focus on what makes you unique and share that part of you with the world.

Pace yourself. Creating content is a marathon not a sprint. It’s easy to get burnt out and it’s normal to have lulls in creativity. Give yourself time to rest and reenergize.

Trust the journey. You don’t have to have it all figured out in the beginning. What’s for you will never pass you.

McKenzie Crouch is wearing The Wangari Set by Bastet Noir , custom-made for her

Biggest failure/setback in life, and what have you learned from it?

I’ve never considered anything in my life as a failure. Everything I’ve experienced has been for a purpose. But if I had to think of the biggest set back, it would probably be spending too many years not being my most authentic self. I’ve learned that when I show up as my truest and most loving self, I find the most joy and meaning in my life.

Books that changed your life

Two books: The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer and The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle

Favorite female empowerment speech?

Every single morning, my Mother would tell me “be a leader.” Hearing that phrase everyday helped shape me into the ambitious and confident woman that I am today.

What’s in your Bastet Noir cart?

The Josephine Set!

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