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COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Sean Taylor, Body-Positivity Advocate & Reality TV Personality

Sean Taylor wearing The Sofia Dress custom-made by Bastet Noir

Body-image and self-acceptance are two terms that should go hand in hand, but we all know it’s easier said than done. So many young impressionable people are under the everyday influence that having “the perfect body” is the ultimate goal. And all we see is a certain type of look, while everything that doesn’t fall under that category is deemed unhealthy and less desirable. 

Growing up under the scrutiny of our peers, and since recently social media as well can have an everlasting negative impact on how we see our bodies, which in turn directly affects our mental health. Continuously being bombarded with images and videos of stereotypically “attractive” women and men only adds fuel to the fire known as comparison. That is why it’s crucial to surround yourself with the most positive environment possible. We know, that’s practically impossible, but taking even the tiniest steps as cleansing your social media of triggering influences can make a vast difference. 

Our latest girlboss, Sean Taylor, has created a body-positive and body-accepting corner on the internet, where she shares her thoughts on everything from philosophies on self-acceptance to plus-size fashion styling tips and recommendations. Her short videos pack a punch and help people all over the world love their body for what it is, instead of promoting unhealthy body-image standards and contributing to toxic diet culture. Sean came into the public eye by being one of the participants in Netflix’s season 1 of The Circle, where she stepped up to the plate and was a strong body-acceptance advocate by the end of the season. Now, she uses her ever-growing platform to inspire many to reclaim their bodies and love every single inch of themselves. We are excited to have Sean be our latest Cool Face of Bastet Noir, so be sure to keep on reading to find out more about this inspiring woman.

Sean Taylor wearing The Sofia Dress custom-made by Bastet Noir

Who is Sean Taylor?

Professionally, you could say I’m a body-positive, fat acceptance advocate, style influencer, and Reality TV personality. Personally, I’m an Aquarian dog-mom, who is passionate about breakfast sandwiches, mystery novels, spontaneous indulgences, and friendship. All of the above is accurate.

What’s your morning routine like?

My morning routine is honestly a work in progress. I wish I was more of a morning person or routine-inclined. On a really great day, it starts with CBD and skincare. I’ve gotten really into pour-over coffee, so I’ll make some coffee and plan out my day in one of my favorite robes. Then I sit down for breakfast usually manage to get lost on social media for a good hour. Then I take my french bulldog Burger on a walk and listen to The Daily.

Sean Taylor wearing The Sofia Dress custom-made by Bastet Noir

You are widely known for being a contestant on the highly addictive Netflix show called The Circle, which many have dubbed Big Brother meets Catfish. And with a topic like the one dealt with in The Circle, there must have been a number of ups and downs during that period, both while filming and watching it all unfold when it aired. What made you want to apply for the show, and what have you taken from that experience?

Actually, this opportunity completely fell in my lap. Someone from casting managed to find me on Instagram and DM’d me. I was like, “This can’t be real”. Cut to, it was real and I was flying to an audition in LA. I’ve literally never auditioned for anything TV-related. I was really terrified about how my story would be perceived because fat acceptance and plus-size fashion was my life and career. I feel so lucky to have received the most incredible messages from people all over the world who really related to me on the show.

You’ve been an avid spokeswoman for body positivity, inspiring many to open up about ED issues, cyberbullying, and fat-shaming. What would you say to your younger self as a present-day girl boss?

You’re not dramatic or “overly sensitive” for feeling hurt by covert diet culture. Don’t shy away from being intimidating. And don’t lose sleep over greasy boys.

Sean Taylor wearing The Sofia Dress custom-made by Bastet Noir

Your Instagram profile is like the ultimate guide to plus-size fashion. However, we are all very aware that plus-size fashion is a gray area when it comes to a lot of brands. What is the message you’d like to give to brands that keep making excuses and neglect this inclusivity issue?

You need a cultural commitment and reset to win our trust and our dollars. If you want to know why your plus assortment isn’t selling, it’s because you’re taking shortcuts. You can’t expect the plus-size consumer to throw her dollars at you if she can’t see herself in your marketing, on your social media, and in your stores. Your exclusion has caused distrust, how do you want to make it right? Start there.

Biggest setback in life and what you’ve learned from it?

It’s so cliché, but honestly, when I look back on every setback I wouldn’t change a thing. Every disappointment set me up to grow in exactly the way I needed to. I still have big days of feeling doubt and disappointment, don’t get me wrong. But when I’m having a day where I’m feeling grounded, I know what’s meant for me won’t miss me.

Books that changed your life

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

The Feminist Utopia Project by Alexandra Brodsky & Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

 Body of Truth by Harriet Brown

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Favorite female empowerment speech

Not necessarily female empowerment, but I like to listen to Abraham-Hicks's “Prepare Your Entrance into the Vortex” when I need to get the vibe right.


What’s in your Bastet Noir cart?

All of the Siciliana Collection!

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