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Cat Shelter Meow Paws

Cat Shelter Meow Paws

 Supporting local causes that make a positive change matters to us.

That is why starting from 26.10.2021 we are donating part of our proceeds towards the animal shelter initiative from our friends over at Cat Shelter Meow Paws

Cat Shelter Meow Paws Macedonia is a rescue organisation run by just two people, Iva and Misko, who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and rehoming stray cats and dogs in Skopje, North Macedonia.

Cat Shelter Meow Paws needs larger premises with outside space where they can build a safe refuge for as many animals as possible. Currently they have to pay for commercial kennelling which is very expensive or return animals back to the street.
For all orders on our website made from 26.10.2021 - 26.11.2021 Bastet Noir will donate a portion of the proceeds gathered and help Cat Shelter Meow Paws in reaching their £25,000 goal.

We hope to see this animal shelter up and running as soon as possible! Check out their go fund me page here.

Making the world better, because we give a damn.

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