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Women Behind The Seams: Meet Jasmina

Women Behind The Seams: Meet Jasmina

Welcome to the third video in our series "Women Behind the Seams", where we delve deeper into the inner workings of Bastet Noir and shine a light onto our brightest stars - our women single parents & women micro entrepreneur seamstresses.

Through this series, we want to share Bastet Noir's story in a way that's more tangible and relatable than just words on a website, because we #giveadamn.

If videos are not your thing, scroll down to read our interview with Jasmina ;)

Let's Get To Know Each Other! Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself?

I am Jasmina from Skopje, I've been working as a seamstress for 20+ years and I'm a mom to a seven-year-old boy.

When And Why Did You Start Working As A Seamstress?

After finishing high school I was forced to start working as my family needed financial help and I got a job in a textile confection.

Is There A Difference Between Working In A Factory And In A Studio?

Working in a factory is a lot more strict and rougher. You're supposed to work by a norm, there are more deadlines, while working in a studio is more relaxed. Yes, one is very rough, and the other is a lot more delicate and demands attention. And there's always something new, new types of styles, new patterns, new fashion, etc. And we keep going forward.

What's Your Favorite Part Of The Creation Process?

The sewing process and the final product, so when it's all done and we put it on a hanger to be delivered.

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