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BTS: How we customize every order ✂️

BTS: How we customize every order ✂️

We live in a consumer driven society where the urge to buy is irresistible. We keep on piling up stuff and rarely think about the production process or the people involved into making the products we purchase. After all in this hectic life of ours, who’s got time for that, right? But as a sustainable social fashion business whose aim is to create customizable, made-to-measure exqusite clothing pieces, we believe that Bastet Noir’s clients deserve to know what the production process actually involves after placing an order. So here we unravel the step-by-step process of how we work together with women single parents to customize every item after you click that buy button. 

Sourcing The Best Quality Materials

We always aim to use natural fabrics, and make sure they are also fairly traded. So, first step is to make sure we source the best quality materials we can find in the precise tint of color you want the item in. Giving you the freedom to personalize your item is extremely important to us, so once we agree on the perfect shade, the next step follows.


Lemon silk satin fabric by Bastet Noir
Lemon Yellow Satin Silk used to make the Bianca Dress by Bastet Noir

Then We Make The Patterns 

To put it plainly, standardized sizing sucks. We believe that every woman is unique with her own distinctive set of body curves. To make an item fit her like a glove, each curve deserves our special attention. That’s why every item we produce is made-to-measure only and so we prepare different patterns for each model.


Lemon yellow satin silk by Bastet Noir
The patterns for the Bianca dress by Bastet Noir

And We Cut The Fabric

After the patterns are made, the next step is to proceed with cutting the fabric and make pieces that are ready to be assembled. 


Lemon yellow silk satin by Bastet Noir
Cutting the fabric for the Bianca Dress

Then We Assemble The Pieces

Our amazing women take the pieces and than they assemble them together using different sewing machines and different techniques depending on the model. 


Patterns for a dress by Bastet Noir
The Bianca Dress ready to be assembled


Details like buttons and intricate embroidery are always hand applied, because paying special attention to these components is crucial for us. Once the item is done, we add labels to make sure you know how to take care of the item and also to subtly remind you to say thanks to it, every once in a while. Because gratitude goes a long way.


Care labels by Bastet Noir
Bastet Noir care labels

And Then We Iron It

to make sure the hems are smooth and straight. We use delicate silks, satin silks and georgette silk materials, some of which can wrinkle during the sewing process, so we make sure they are ironed nicely, before they are wrapped up and ready for shipping. 


Behind the scenes of making the Bianca Dress

And Carefully Pack It

Packaging is kind of a pretty big deal for us. We want you to feel thrill and excitement when unwrapping whatever it is you ordered. This is why we redesigned the packaging few months back and included an eco-friendly wrap up paper that is compostable and can be reused. In addition to that we’ve included a little somethin’ somethin’ to inspire and empower you ladies to keep working towards your goals and becoming the best version of yourselves, because we give a damn.


Bastet Noir's packaging is eco-friendly, compostable and reusableBastet Noir’s packaging is eco-friendly, compostable and reusable

And Voila

The result? We make you look like a million dollar babe. Ain’t that somethin’?


Lemon yellow midi bridesmaid dress
The Bianca Dress by Bastet Noir


And so there you have it, the entire journey of your clothing item from being just a plain piece of fabric to becoming a remarkable dress fit for any badass babe. Ain’t that impressive?


Want to personalize and customize your own clothing item?

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