Standard Styles

Thank you so much for supporting Bastet Noir's community of women single parents. Please be mindful when you shop with us. As Bastet Noir sells on a Made-To-Order business model, there's a lot of time and care that goes into every item we make, so please bear this in mind when you order from our label.

We're a very small label that adheres to a NO WASTE policy and works with a local community of women single parents and women micro entrepreneurs in a country where industry's average salary is less than 300$. This means all refunds are subjected to a 40$ restocking fee per item. The reason for this is because we want to build a sustainable brand that pays its production partners fairly and on time and since all of them are paid per every item made, we need to ensure at least the production cost is covered and their time is fairly compensated. Refunds include only the price of the item, without the shipping cost, the restocking fee and the processing fee are processed after 10-15 business days of receiving the item back. Please note that you're also responsible for covering the cost of shipping, should you wish to return the purchased item. 

The cost of shipping varies depending on which type of shipping you choose. Pick-ups organized by us through DHL are subjected to a total fee of 80$ for shipping from and to your location.

Right, so now that we said what needed to be said, let's get down to business. Non-customized items may be returned within 5 days of the delivery date for a full refund (without the shipping rate and restocking fee) or store credit. Please note that after 5 days, we will no longer accept returns.

All items should be packed in a flyer and must contain all of Bastet Noir tags on them, accompanied by a document that says that they are returned goods. Otherwise the items will be held at the customs and we are not responsible for the expenses that might arise from that. Please contact us before shipping the item back, so we can provide you with the return address and further instructions.

Made-To-Measure Items

Customized items can not be returned nor fully refunded, since they are tailor made, specifically for you, according to your own measurements. For refunds on custom pieces, if you wish to handle alterations with a third party, please note that we refund 10% of the retail price. Alterations processed by us come FREE OF CHARGE on all custom orders, with the customer only covering shipping costs for both ways. Please make sure you contact us in 5 days after receiving the item to be eligible for refunds or free-of-charge alterations on Made-to-Measure items. 

Discounted Items

All items which are purchased through our website which are either on sale or have been purchased using a discount code can not be returned and refunded. This includes the discount code used through our subscription letter.

Dropship Items

If you bought an item by our brand through a third party website and you wish to return in, please contact the retailer directly. We work with many online retailers and we're not responsible for providing refunds for those items that are not purchased directly through our website. This also applies to all the dropshippers who are dropshipping our items on their website.


Please make sure you contact us in 5 days after receiving the item if you wish to exchange it. Please note that after 5 days we will no longer accept request for exchanges. Exchanges are subjected to a 40$ restocking fee. Since we don't hold any inventory if you want to exchange an item, we'll have to do it again from scratch and this is why we take a 40$ restocking fee to make sure the women we work with are fairly compensated for the time they spent working on your item. The shipping costs are paid separately by the customer and are not included in the restocking fee. 

Resell Bastet Noir

As of recently, we have partnered with AirRobe, a platform that allows you to resell, rent or recycle your Bastet Noir piece on their website. Read more about AirRobe and their policy HERE, and don't forget to click the toggle button to join the AirRobe service.