We're a new emerging fashion brand that puts emphasis on TAILOR-MADE fashion. Our designs are fresh, edgy and elegant with a twist of vintage appeal and a dose of contemporary flair. Each piece is fully customizable, made according to our clients' measurements by artisan seamstresses with special attention to details. 

Bastet Noir creates for women who are not afraid to roar, speak up, motivate and empower. We design for strong and bold badass babes with powerful voices, individuality and substance. Celebrating uniqueness is what we're all about. 

Just like the WOMEN we create for, we're a WORK-IN-PROGRESS, but one hell of a PIECE OF ART.

Press coverage
"“All of Bastet Noir’s pieces are custom made using deadstock materials, which means they’re all earth-friendly.”"
10 No-Brainer Jumpsuits That Make The Perfect One-Piece Outfit
"There’s no better feeling in the world than taking the time to sit down and reflect on what you’ve done in three years, who you’ve become and how you’ve evolved as a person. It’s the best feeling in the world, and that’s what makes the hard days durable and sometimes even annoyingly fun."
Meet the founder of Bastet Noir
HUFFINGTON POST - August 30, 2016
"Заборавете на егото, ако сакате да имате успешен бизнис. Не сте најдобри и најпаметни, затоа што секогаш постои некој подобар од вас. Она што ве разликува од најдобриот е колку сте спремни да го надработите. Ако првите зборови ти се „не можам“, „не знам“ и „не сакам“, заборави дека некогаш ќе бидеш успешен во приватниот сектор, затоа што на почетокот си сѐ – од чистач, до секретарка, до потрчко, до биснисмен-воман. Запомни дека сѐ можеш, само ти треба време, трпение и многу работа."
My Start-Up Story
Reborn - October 13, 2017
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