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You've Got A Dropshipping Business?

We're well aware of the fact that as a new and emerging retailer, sometimes ordering bigger quantities is not an option for you. We understand that every beginning is difficult and that's why we're offering a dropshipping service to those who love our products, but can't afford to order them in bulk. That's why we've partnered with more than 900 online retailers to help support their businesses through dropshipping our products.

As a dropshipping partner you get:

- to be the first to see our new line drops- 20% off on our retail prices

- high resolution product and editorial photos you can use for social media

- behind the scenes videos to help you with your social media

So if you're someone who owns an online shop and wants to dropship our products, please contact us at, with subject line: DROPSHIP REQUEST. We'll make sure someone from our team reaches out to you in 24 hours.