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BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Youngbloods Pt.2 Collection

BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Youngbloods Pt.2 Collection

When we first set out to create the Youngbloods Collection together with Milena Tanaskoska, we were bristling with ideas, coming up with so many possible designs that our inspiration boards ended up being so hard to keep track of. But between using deadstock fabrics and being a small team, the reality was that we had to draw line somewhere. This wonderfully creative and equally fulfilling journey we embarked on together demanded more than we could give, so it came only naturally for us to continue working on a second collection — one that would feel like a natural extension of what we have previously done. 

That is when the idea behind Youngbloods Pt. 2 Collection started to take a shape. However, the COVID19 pandemic did come with its own challenges so we had to make do with the situation. In came long phone calls and hours spent on Face Time, discussing possible ideas, designs, matching up the images in our heads of what we wanted the designs to look like with the perfect deadstock fabrics we already had in stock. You even helped us pick some of the materials through the nifty little “Polls” option on our Instagram Stories. One thing that we knew from the get-go was that we wanted this collection to reflect the present times: stuck at home, wanting to be comfortable, yet ready to hop on a Zoom meeting at any given moment looking polished and effortlessly chic. In the end, the collection came down to 5 bold and elegant shirt dresses and 1 stunner wrap dress. Since we couldn’t photoshoot it in a studio, we decided to partner with the stunner Sandra from Fern Style and gave her the full creative freedom to capture the spirit of the popular hashtag #goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed taking over the Internet these days. Because nobody does dressing up better than her.


World, meet The Youngbloods Pt.2 Collection, in all its chic glory! 

The Goldie Dress

Red Shirt Dress with Elastic Waist

Goldie Hawn’s unforgettable roles in movies such as Death Becomes Her, Overboard and HouseSitter have made thousands smile, and this funny leading lady was the major inspiration behind The Goldie Dress. Bold, charming, and loud — everything we love about Goldie, but in the form of a shirt dress. This midi-length dress features a relaxed silhouette with an elasticated waist and comes in a fun, out-of-the-ordinary print, just like Goldie would like it. 

The Sally Dress

Baby Blue Turtleneck Dress

In 1978, Sally Ride was selected to the first class of 35 astronauts — including six women — who would fly on the space shuttle Challenger in 1983. This powerful woman made the final cut, and not only went to space but became the first American woman to do so. Her courageous nature and determined attitude inspired us to create The Sally Dress, made out of the silkiest, most smooth blue fabric we could find — one that resembles the sky that Sally Ride conquered that one faithful day in the 80s.

The Cher Dress

Turquoise Shirt Dress

If we can’t go to a party, we’ll bring the party (of 1) to our homes. Thank god our Queen Of Pop — Cher, has been with us through thick and thin this year, so it was only natural that she became the main inspiration for The Cher Dress. Just like her music, this wrap dress makes us want to get out of our sweatpants and steal the spotlight, even if it’s just in our living room. The fun turquoise color has a slight shiny animal print to it, not a lot so it becomes overwhelming but just enough to glisten under the imaginary disco ball above our heads while we blast Strong Enough on the speakers. 

The Lynda Dress

White cashmere long shirt dress

When we think of 70s television, a lot of iconic TV series come to mind, but our personal favorite would have to be the live-action series Wonder Woman, starring the badass, multi-talented lady that is Lynda Carter, so it was only natural for us to dedicate a dress to the woman that made girls all around the world see that a female-superhero can kick as much ass as the rest of them. Our Lynda Dress features button details along the edges and comes in the most comfortable white cashmere fabric — perfect for lounging around the house and re-watching Wonder Woman with a cup of hot cocoa or a glass of wine. Whatever floats your boat.

The Marsha Dress

Pink geometric 70s print shirt dress

This year highlighted a lot of prominent names in the sphere of social activism and put unapologetic and brave people of the past and present at the forefront, solidifying their names and actions in history. Trans-rights activist and drag queen Marsha P. Johnson’s activism left an everlasting impact on the LGBTQ+ community in the 70s, a time when being gay was classified as a mental illness. Her outspokenness and extravagant nature inspired The Marsha Dress, which comes in an electric geometric print fabric and a straight cut that looks both masculine and feminine. 

The Jane Dress

Pink cashmere shirt dress with front pockets

We can’t make a collection inspired by the 70s and not mention the style queen that is Jane Fonda. Through the decades she has managed to reinvent her style yet always stay so effortlessly relevant, which inspired The Jane Dress — one that would make a statement, yet always manage to look trendy even years down the line. The basic silhouette of the dress makes it the perfect staple for anyone looking for a shirt dress to add to their collection, but the color is what keeps it current, fun, and youthful. 

So there you have it, the Youngbloods Part 2 in all its glory. Sleek, bossy and playful, The Youngbloods Collection Part 2 is made entirely out of dead-stock materials, which means limited quantities are available. Can’t wait to see the pieces? Click here to browse the entire line.

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