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COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Alexandra Machover, art director, video producer and lifestyle influencer 

COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Alexandra Machover, art director, video producer and lifestyle influencer 

When you first think of New York, there are two things that immediately pop up in your mind, the Statue of Liberty, the foundation upon which the USA was build and Studio54, back at the time when Andy ruled the world. As you get deeper into this concrete jungle where dreams are made of, you realize that New York has been home to so much more, like being the cradle of hiphop, the birthplace of the MET museum, Broadway and the list goes on and on. They usually say, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere and a lot of this statement holds true. Perhaps it was Andy Warhol’s Factory and the infamous Studio54 that put this city on the map, or (some famous dude or dudette, because if you do a little digging most of celebrities have started their careers in this particular city). Perhaps it’s the city’s spirit and beauty that lures in all the talent, maybe it’s even the city’s ability to nurture and groom that talent, but if we had to bet, our safest bet would be on the mix of people with variety of backgrounds that make this city one of the most magical ones in the world. It’s the people living there that give this city its magical allure and make New York special. And while it may have all started with Andy’s muses, or better known as the IT girls of the time, today they are replaced by some of the most creative Instagram influencers who are a big part of this city’s charm and one of those influencers we drool over literally every single morning is Alexandra Machover.

Alexandra Machover wearing the Athena Dress by Bastet Noir
Alexandra Machover wearing the Athena Dress by Bastet Noir

Alexandra Machover is the latest cool face of Bastet Noir, the ultimate New York girl, born and raised in the Big Apple. If she lived in Warhol’s era, her style would definitely make her one of his timeless muses. Her “downtown-Lolita vibe” as Deuxième Studiosput it so delicately, the way she pairs and styles seemingly not matchable pieces, the way she chics up even the dullest of pieces, make this multi-hyphenate woman a force to be reckoned with. Former POPSUGAR producer and current video producer/art director/lifestyle influencer, it’s safe to say that Alexandra’s life is everything but boring. So for the latest edition of the Cool Faces of Bastet Noir she shares what being an influencer really means in times when everyone seems to think they are one and how she worked on making her unique eclectic mix of variety of styles her own.

Who is Alexandra Machover?

I am an extroverted, creative, passionate woman who was born and raised in New York.

You work as a video producer, so we imagine your days are always filled with excitement and are never the same. Can you tell us a bit about what a working day looks like for you?

You’re right; every day is different. As a Video Producer, I am either developing new shows, running pre-production for shoots, directing on set, giving notes on videos, or making creative decisions that impact the shows I produce. A lot of my job is thinking outside the box to create unique, aesthetically pleasing videos, while also being super organized and efficient. I never thought I’d be happy at a full-time job, but I genuinely love what I do. It’s ridiculously stimulating, creative, and fast-paced.

Aside from producing, I also am constantly side hustling with my #influencer life. Making content for my personal Instagram is a lot of work and also a huge passion of mine. I often will shoot looks before work (which means a very early wake-up call), come to work for 8 hours, and then typically have 2 events each evening. I love it though… I have no complaints! Fulfilling this simple passion of sharing my style/life on Instagram has given me more opportunities than I could have ever dreamt of. The more I work, the better my life gets, so I don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

As a video producer and art director you’ve been part of so many great projects. Which one would you say is your favorite?

Ah I seriously love all of my videos and shoots… what I do is hard work, but it’s fun.But if I had to choose, my favorite shoot by far was a 10-day shoot (5 days in New York, 5 in LA) for a show that’s coming soon. I can’t say too much about it, but it involves a DJ, travel, and lots of food :)

Your style has a 90s vibe to it without the crazy overboard aesthetic that comes with the 90s. It seems like you’ve mastered the way of mixing the eclectic nineties with a note of subtlety and minimalism and you’ve done it so beautifully, because it doesn’t look ordinary or boring. On the contrary it looks bold and raw, but at the same time feminine and playful. What’s your secret of achieving such a cool aesthetic?

Alexandra Machover wearing the Athena Dress by Bastet Noir
Alexandra Machover wearing the Athena Dress by Bastet Noir

Okay first of all, that’s SO sweet… thank you. Around 2 years ago, I made a super conscious decision about my wardrobe. I felt like my style wasn’t edgy enough… it felt basic and unoriginal. I was shopping at all of the same stores as everyone else, wearing traditional silhouettes, and felt like a cookie cutter New Yorker.

After scrolling through tons of influencers profiles for inspiration, I realized that I wanted to combine athleisure (ie: sneakers, sweats, bomber jackets, biker shorts, leggings) with vintage pieces (ie: oversized t-shirts) and some classic pieces (ie: blazers) in a fun, playful way. I started shopping for more unique pieces and started styling in more out-of-the-box ways.

Honestly, shopping on Nasty Gal has upped my style game significantly — their pieces are sooo trendy and easy to style.

A lot of the time, I look at my closet and am overwhelmed/not sure how to pull an outfit together. But then I just start mixing random things and they somehow work out. (haha)

I also write down outfits that I randomly envision (I have an ongoing note in my phone) and then execute those by either shopping new pieces or styling what I already own.

Favorite female empowerment speech

What do you desire speech by Alan Watts

It’s not female empowerment, but the philosopher Alan Watts has the best speech of all time: What Do You Desire. It gives me goosebumps. I would listen to this while working 9–5 jobs that I absolutely hated. I now listen to it when I need inspiration or when I need a reminder that we have one life to live, and we should do everything in our power to make it worthwhile. Creative people can be happy too, you just have to make it happen.

Inspirational woman figure that has a tremendous impact on your career and style

This is so cliche, but for career, my mom. She is so hard-working and gives the absolute best life advice. I call her like every day.

As for style, all of my influencer friends/random influencers I follow. I save like 10 photos a day of outfits I love. Social media has completely broadened who can access fashion, and I love it for that. There are no limits to getting fashion inspo. It’s all on the internet. Get yourself into a rabbit hole. Save images. Eventually you’ll figure out what works for you.

What is the one thing you wish you knew before starting out?

When I graduated college, my job didn’t really exist. There were no producers creating digital content. So I guess I wish I knew that this job would eventually exist, because it would’ve made my career path a whole lot easier!

We love empowering women and that’s why ever since starting our label our mission is to provide work for women micro entrepreneurs and single mothers. So thank you for your support, it really means the world to us as well as to these women. Do you have any social cause that’s close to your heart you either would really want to or are supporting at the moment?

Planned Parenthood is an organization I will always support. I’m actually going to be working with Bulletin, a store based in NYC. They give proceeds to Planned Parenthood (and also have ridiculously cute stuff), so I’m so down for that!

Also, my friend Hannah Richtman runsThe Break Vintage and often hosts charity concerts/shows at her store in Greenpoint. The last one I went to was a comedy show that raised money for a suicide prevention organization. It was a beautiful evening (and also soooo funny).

What’s in your Bastet Noir cart?

Alexandra Machover wearing the Athena Dress by Bastet Noir
Alexandra Machover wearing the Athena Dress by Bastet Noir

I am OBSESSED with the Athena Dress. It looks so flattering for any body type. I also love the Aphrodite dress and the Bareback Maxi!!

If Warhol’s Squad defined New York as an era of freedom, pop art, debauchery and wild, raw, untamable power of the Factory girls, today’s New York is defined through women like Alexandra Machover, sassy, self-confident, passionate women who live life to the fullest, never regretting, nor appologising for the things they’ve done. We do celebrate women like her, because they teach us how to live life, chasing and fighting for moments that give meaning to every breath we take. And those moments gals are the only thing worth having and living for.

We love strong, confident and self reliant women, so if you think you got what it takes, send us an email with your Instagram account and the story you’d like to share and you might just become Bastet Noir’s next cool face.

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