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COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Hannah Teitink, Podcast Host and Sustainability Influencer

Hannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for her

We all know the fashion world sometimes feels like an insider bubble detached from the real world, where getting in seems to be the hardest part of the job. In recent years, there has been a growing realization that the fashion industry must embrace transparency, not only to sustain its growth but also to foster an environment where everyone can thrive. This, of course, includes being open and honest about business practices, supply chains, and labor conditions. But it extends far beyond that; it also means allowing others to be included in terms of finding fair work engagements, creating opportunities for budding talents, and supporting diversity in all its forms. 

This is exactly what our latest Cool Face of Bastet Noir, Hannah Teitink is trying to demystify one podcast episode at a time. Having founded the podcast The Power Of Sustainability, Hannah aims to bring forth information all about trying to make it big in sustainable fashion. From insider tips on how to get your foot through the door, to interviews with sustainable business owners themselves, her approach is real and honest, just how it is supposed to be. Continue reading to find out more about Hannah’s inspiring story and her entrepreneurial journey.

Hannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for herHannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for her

Who is Hannah Teitink?

She exudes boundless energy and possesses a captivating chattiness. Embracing novelty and embracing both the old and new, she constantly seeks out fresh experiences. With a genuine concern for others and the environment, she cherishes the well-being of those around her and the planet as a whole. Immersed in the realm of fashion, she possesses a discerning taste that values quality over quantity, showcasing her keen eye for elegance.

What’s your morning routine like?

I enjoy eating yogurt with cereal and drinking two cups of water. It takes me about 10 minutes to get ready, which involves doing my hair, applying makeup, and brushing my hair. Picking out an outfit is usually quick because I know my wardrobe well and what I like to wear to the office or when meeting friends for coffee. This routine is efficient as I have a good understanding of my clothes and personal style.

Hannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for herHannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for her

You are the host of the podcast The Power Of Sustainability, which circles different topics related to sustainable fashion, from thrifting tips to first hand experiences of what it’s like to work in sustainability. What was the main inspiration behind the podcast, and how have you found yourself in the role of the host?

I’ve noticed a lack of conversation around job opportunities in sustainable fashion. During the pandemic, I faced difficulties in finding a job related to this field and ended up in a government-like position, which wasn’t aligned with my intentions. Now, I have a strong desire to establish a club where individuals can easily discover smaller brands that may be seeking employees, interns, or new customers. I want to create a platform that fosters a sense of community and facilitates connections. I yearn to be the hub that brings people together in pursuit of their shared passion for sustainable fashion.

What immediately drew us to you is your chic and effortless style! How has your style evolved over the years, and is any of it influenced by the switch to supporting sustainable fashion?

Thank you for your kind words. Since a young age, I’ve always had a preference for investing in higher-quality clothing rather than opting for cheaper alternatives like Primark, Pull & Bear, Zara, and Bershka. I noticed that these garments lacked the durability and craftsmanship I desired. Consequently, I turned to thrifting, where I discovered the opportunity to acquire superior quality clothing at the same price point.

During the pandemic, I witnessed the emergence of numerous sustainable brands offering fashion-forward designs that often surpassed what I could find in thrift stores. This discovery prompted me to support these brands, and I continually come across new ones that I absolutely adore. It has been an exciting journey, exploring and championing sustainable fashion, finding remarkable brands that align with my values and offer stunning styles.

Hannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for her

Things you wish you knew before starting out?

Starting out as an influencer? It took me 6 years to finally make money out of it and to receive some clothes. Before that I just invested a lot of money into it. I’m happy it worked out but this is your sign to never give up. If you have a vision and mission you have to stick to it. While I of course changed my perception of being an influencer I’ve always stayed true to my own style and the kind of message I want to bring out.

Books that changed your life

A book I adore is “Blue Ocean Strategy” as it challenges conventional business models and encourages us to rethink our approach. Inspired by this, I am currently engaged in the creation of a coffee table book that explores Parisian clichés and sustainable fashion. The project requires significant effort, but it brings me immense joy. I highly recommend checking it out once we launch — it promises to be a captivating endeavor.

Hannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for herHannah is wearing The C.J. Walker Set custom-made for her

Favorite female empowerment speech

One powerful and widely celebrated speech that promotes female empowerment is the speech titled “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Originally delivered as a TED Talk in 2012, this speech has since been adapted into a book and has resonated with audiences worldwide. Adichie, a renowned Nigerian author and feminist, passionately speaks about the importance of gender equality and dismantling harmful stereotypes.

In her speech, Adichie shares personal anecdotes and societal observations to illustrate the pervasive nature of gender inequality. She emphasizes that feminism is not a negative or divisive term but a necessary movement for achieving justice and equality. Adichie encourages both women and men to embrace feminism, highlighting that it benefits everyone by promoting fairness and allowing individuals to reach their full potential.

What’s in your Bastet Noir cart?

A suit is an essential wardrobe choice for professional settings or occasions where I aim to exude confidence and make a memorable impression, projecting an image of competence and professionalism. Some of the pieces of Bastet Noir that I absolutely love are the Arlan set. I believe this set is wearable in multiple scenarios and it looks comfortable and professional. I could also be bias because I just love green! It looks amazing on everyone. I also adore the Barbara Jumpsuit. You wear a pair of heels and you are off to work or styled with a pair of sneakers for that extra comfort for work or enjoying a day in the city. My absolutely favourite is the C.J. Walker Set. I have a similar suit that is in dark grey and I wear it weekly. This suit is amazing for a night full of drinks and work in the day. I like to mix and match occasions for just one outfit.

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