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THE COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Iyia Liu, the founder of Waist Trainer, Luxe Fitness and Bambi Boutique

THE COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Iyia Liu, the founder of Waist Trainer, Luxe Fitness and Bambi Boutique
Imagine being in your early 20s and already a multi millionaire with two successful companies under your belt. Now, imagine that these companies are not something you’ve inherited, but are actually something you’ve built on your own. Even in your wildest dreams, this scenario still looks like it’s just a fantasy, right? Well, for the 24 year old entrepreneur Iyia Liu, this dream scenario is the actual script of her life. 
Iyia Liu
Iyia Liu, photo by StarshipIT

“I started my business from my home office and garage with $6000 of my life savings, and grew that into two multi-million dollar businesses, running out of my home for two years.” — Iyia Liu

Although her empire counts four extremely successful businesses, she still describes herself as just an ordinary gal, but believe us when we say, there’s nothing ordinary about her. In just three years in business, Iyia has managed to accomplish something most of people won’t in a lifetime. She’s the founder of Waist Trainer, the company that produces the popular waist cincher endorsed by Kylie Jenner and also a founder of Luxe Fitness, both of which she sold for undisclosed amount last year. Today she runs an online boutique called Bambi, which grew from 0 to almost 70.000 followers on social media in just a few hours, has her own consultancy and is an administrator of the very popular Facebook group “Girls in Business”, a community where millennial girls can bounce ideas, ask questions and be inspired by other amazing business women, which has over 41.000 members. Seems like whatever this girl touches turns to gold. So here, for the newest edition of “Cool Faces of Bastet Noir” she shares her wisdom on how she paved her way to living her dream life. Read her lessons carefully and you might just become the next self-made millionaire woman yourself.

Who is Iyia Liu?

Born and raised in Auckland, currently 24 years old. Love my dog Bari, currently building my dream home, living a life that I love.

It seems like everything you touch turns to gold. You’re only 24 years old and you’ve already sold two very successful e-commerce businesses Waist Trainer and Luxe Fitness. With two new ones coming up, could you tell us what it’s like to be you for a day?

Day to day i’m an ordinary girl. Wake up, work on my businesses, finish work, maybe go to a fitness class or watch some Netflix. But every so often, I will get to do something interesting like go overseas to speak at a conference, or be a guest judge at an event, or take a helicopter to my morning meeting on an island, and so forth.

Do you have a morning routine before going to work or some sort of morning ritual that helps you keep your focus?

Not really — I just like to get stuck into my work, I think if you are passionate and love what you do it isn’t hard to focus.
Iyia Liu
Iyia Liu

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

New things happening all the time. Whether it’s an event, or someone I get to meet, it’s always a little bit different — I can’t imagine going to work and doing the same thing every day.

Three most important lessons you’ve learnt while building up each business…

  • Work with others in every way. It’s impossible to grow without the help of others

  • If you have a vision and you work hard to achieve it, you will achieve it in time

  • Don’t be afraid of competition, let it make you work harder — and never be bitter towards the competition, if you’re doing well you wouldn’t care.

Favorite places and favorite Insta faces

Love the Greek Islands, in particular Mykonos. Bali is 2nd on my list! Instafaces: Shani Grimmond, Shaaanxo, Simone Anderson, Healthychick101, Blessedindoubles — so many that I follow to be honest!

What’s in your Bastet Noir cart?

I love the plunging neckline jumpsuit and the marigold dress. Another personal favorite is the red silk jumpsuit.

Red Silk Jumpsuit by Bastet Noir, featured in Refinery 29

When you read about such impressive woman like Iyia, you can’t help but be in awe of her. She is the perfect embodiment of a strong woman who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. Iyia Liu is a perfect example of millennial entrepreneur who just like any other successful one before her has built a business from the ground up by simply learning from her mistakes, bending them to her advantage. And that’s why we find her story truly inspiring and motivating, because women like her are why the saying “Girls run the world” exists in the first place. 

We love strong, confident and self reliant women, so if you think you got what it takes, send us an email with your Instagram account and the story you’d like to share and you might just become Bastet Noir’s next cool face.

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