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Deadstock Fabrics 101

Deadstock Fabrics 101

What Are Deadstock Fabrics?

As the name suggests, deadstock fabrics are fabrics that for one reason or another were not sold by their manufacturer or were not intended for use by the company that has them in stock, most often just because they were leftovers. Deadstock textiles used to end dumped in landfills in the past, but nowadays, more and more fashion brands see an immense opportunity for a more circular production model. 

Why Do We Use Deadstock Fabrics?

Deadstock fabrics offer a special prospect for us to design custom clothing while discovering excellent materials. This entails high-quality products at a limited quantity, as deadstock fabrics are in their true nature, only leftovers. By giving these fabrics a second chance, we are expanding their life cycle in the most sustainable way possible. 

Where Do We Source Our Deadstock Fabrics?

We source these deadstock fabrics from family-owned warehouses based in North Macedonia, the country we are based in as well. This way, not only do we generate a smaller carbon footprint, but are also supporting these warehouses and the people that run them. Bellow you can catch us scouring some of these warehouses for our Boss Babes Collection.

What Types of Fabrics Do We Use?

To find out what types of fabrics we use, take a look at our Fabrics Information page. 

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