Carbon Neutral Shipping
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Carbon Offset Initiative

Carbon Offset Initiative

In each of Earth's spheres, a healthy balance of the most abundant elements - carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen - is required. In other words, elements from the air, land, water, and living things must have an equal part.

Unfortunately, human activity has resulted in an oversupply of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Think industrialization, deforestation, and large-scale agriculture. At the same time, other spheres (including those outside the hemisphere) are devoid of greenhouse gases. And how can we make a change? Actively lowering greenhouse gas emissions is one method to restore the natural balance.

According to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change around ten percent of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the fashion industry. In more concrete terms, it means that fashion produces more CO2 when compared to the aviation and shipping industries combined.

Inspired by this move, from December 2020 we are using the Offset App to make our shipping emissions carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is a method of compensating for emissions by taking steps that encourage carbon saving, in hopes of finding balance I.E. Neutrality.

We will offset the carbon emissions made from every single delivery made from offset marketplaces such as: Pachama, Nori, Grassroots Carbon and Carboncure. As a sustainable brand, we're always supporting environmentally friendly initiatives, so at the end of each month, a percentage of our sales will go directly towards supporting forest protection initiatives. Thanks to this app we'll be able to share with all of you, our monthly offset cost which includes the total amount of the shipping emissions we've offset and the environmental impact benefit of those offsets, including how many trees we've paid to protect.

Wanna know what your personal carbon footprint looks like? Take the quiz and find out!

Making the world better, because we give a damn.

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