Black Friday Cyber Monday is one of the most crucial days of the whole year for independent businesses. In 2019 alone, E-commerce stores that use Shopify gathered more than 25.5 million people to purchase from the platform, which although sounds great for business, is crushing for the environment, as shipping emissions inflate at a rapid speed. This is where Shopify's Sustainability Fund has decided to be a game changer, and Bastet Noir is in on supporting their new cause. 
Shopify will offset the carbon emissions made from every single delivery made on their platform on BFCM, and they will come from offset marketplaces such as: Pachama, Nori, Soil Value Exchange and CarbonCure. Although buying offsets is not a perfect way to combat carbon emissions, it's a a step in the right direction, and we applaud Shopify on this commitment. 
Inspired by this move, coming this December we'll be using the Offset app to make our shipping emissions carbon neutral. As a sustainable brand, we're always supporting environmentally friendly initiatives, so at the end of each month, a percentage of our sales will go directly towards supporting forest protection initiatives. Thanks to this app we'll be able to share with all of you, our monthly Offset cost which includes the total amount of the shipping emissions we've offset and the environmental impact benefit of those offsets, including how many trees we've paid to protect. 
Making the world better, because we give a damn.