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Custom-Made According To Client's Measurements By Community of Women Single Parents

The Women Fund

Sustainably made by women single parents in North Macedonia - Bastet Noir

Our pieces are manufactured in small production studios in North Macedonia by women single parents and women micro entrepreneurs.

In July 2020, we've set up a fund to help our small community of women single parents battle pandemic's catastrophic consequences. The way we structured this fund will help these women navigate the everyday challenges and grow their businesses during these uncertain times.

The way it works is through tips. When you reach checkout you'll be given an option to leave a tip on our website, which will then go straight to this fund. At the end of the month the entire amount you donate will go directly to the woman owned studio that made your item.

The goal behind this initiative is to give these women a fighting chance in a country where their monthly average salary is less than 300$. The amount they earn in tips will help their businesses stay afloat by covering part of their monthly expenses like heating, water & electricity. This will allow them to be able to invest in the growth of their business by either expanding and employing more women or just simply be able to rent better spaces to improve the conditions under which they are working. It will also give them the opportunity to acquire new machines to enhance the quality of the garments.

Changing our society for the better one woman at a time, because we give a damn!

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