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THE COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Marija from Fabulous is Freedom

Marija Stojkovska, Fabulousisfreedom wearing the Halona Dress custom made for her by Bastet Noir

I met Marija, when she invited me to give a motivational talk in her school a few years ago. She struck me as shy, but pretty cool person who even at the age of 17 knew exactly what she wanted and knew exactly how to get there. Determination is a trait I possess in abundance and one I admire each time I see it in a different person. Meeting people like her is always such a thrill, because these individuals inspire and never fail to spark up the brain of any idea really. With their enthusiasm they awake things which as we grow older become dormant inside of us. Their optimism is contagious, their energy is magnetic, but their demeanour is always calm. Marija’s creative nature draw me to her, so ever since meeting her I’ve always kept one eye on her development. She was stylish, young and vibrant, so when we decided to start collaborating with influencers, I knew she would be the first one to approach. 
Marigold shirt dress
Marija wearing the marigold shirt dress by Bastet Noir for Mercedes Fashion Week 2017 in Ljubljana

Marija Stojkovska is a 19 year old student at the University of Ljubljana who studies public relations and our first cool face of Bastet Noir. Her style is perfectly in sync with our aesthetic. Her story is a testament of beauty and constant growth of a woman who empowers, challenges and dazzles, which happens to correlate with the exact qualities we're searching for in our ideal woman.


Tell us a bit more about yourself. How did you start with your blog?

I am Marija, a 19 year old girl, currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I study Public Relations on the Faculty of Social Sciences. I have always loved fashion, so back in 2014(at the age of 16) I decided to start my fashion blog Fabulous is freedom. I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew that I needed a creative outlet. With the passion to learn and grow, I would spend hours online, researching html codes and watching videos.

Marigold shirt dress
Marija rocking the marigold shirt dress on the streets of Ljubljana
Amazing things have happened to me, because of Fabulous is freedom, many blog posts, fun shootings, new friendships, collaborations & wonderful projects. Otherwise, I am kinda Instagram obsessed, so you should folow my daily outfits, travel adventures and coffee breaks on @fabulousisfreedom.

If given the chance, who would you like to work with?

Ohh, that would definitely be   I love her work and I am her №1 fan from the beginning.

 Instagram or Pinterest

100% Instagram. For me every day is a new Insta challenge that begins with finding something instagrammable, editing the photo so it matches my theme, thinking of a catchy caption and on top of that posting some entertaining stories during the day. If a day passes without an insta photo or an insta story, believe me, even my mom is concerned, because she knows something is not right.

Marigold shirt dress
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Favorite places

My three homes, Debar Maalo in Skopje, Gornji Trg in Ljubljana and Struga.

Favorite faces

Friends and my family, of course. Those who are always there for me, even though we are miles apart. But, I am lucky enough that they are just a plane ride away.
Marigold shirt dress
Marija wearing the marigold shirt dress by Bastet Noir

Things you can’t live without

I admit it, I can’t live without attention. And without my phone. And my Pandora bracelet.

And marsala lipstick.

I guess I can’t live without multiple things, not just one.

Follor Marija’s adventures on Instagram

Why do you ❤ Bastet Noir?

I love Bastet Noir not only because of the cool name and the great Instagram theme, but because it's a unique shop with pieces that make you stand out in the crowd. And most importantly, because it’s founded by a young woman entrepreneur. The story reminds me of my favorite movie ‘The Intern’ and the moment when Anne Hathaway said “I just knew a woman at the end of the day with a glass of wine and a laptop had real shopping potential”.

Marija is definitely one foxy cool cat and that’s why our entire team is in love with her. If you’ve got the same feels, then follow her journey on Instagram or on her blog, we promise you won’t regret it and we never give promises lightly. Have we ever failed you?

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