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BEHIND THE SCENES: The inspiration behind the designs of The Boss Babes Collection

Dark grey stripped shirt jumpsuit

It was not that long ago the buzzword “girlboss” was coined by the brilliant Sophia Amoruso, a self-made millionaire, who has been responsible for singlehandedly inspiring and encouraging an army of women to dip their toes in business. Ever since first hearing about her in Fortune, when she sold her first company for millions of dollars, I’ve been following this woman’s footsteps religiously, so it was only natural when the time came to launch a workwear collection, it was going to be an homage to the incredible contribution and impact to women in business she has had.

Naming it The Boss Babes Collection, the line features sets of tailor-made suits and two cocktail dresses in impeccable sartorial fits, perfect for women who command the boardroom, conquer the streets with their power walk and slay the dancefloors of cocktail parties after a long day at work. Made with deadstock fabrics, this collection comes in limited quantities featuring oversized fits, bold shoulders mixed with sexy bustiers, and pants that feel more like sweats than a working uniform. It’s what we call the ultimate “work from home” kinda comfort. 

Let's dive into the designs and the women who inspired them.

The Amoruso Suit

By now, most of you have probably heard about Sophia Amoruso in one way or another. Back in the day when vintage was still in its infancy, this gal was solely responsible for putting it on the map. We have her to thank for the whole vintage craze thing. In other words, she popularized it so much so that she made it mainstream.

navy blue striped three piece suit

The Amoruso Suit is a 3 suit in navy blue with barely-there white stripes that features a bustier, high waist pants and a fitted, but slightly oversized blazer.

Pricing transparency for the Amoruso Blazer

The blazer has a fitted silhouette with wide lapels, two front pockets, broad shoulder pads, and subtle ruffle detail instead of a pocket handkerchief with the same detailing on the sleeves finished with two side golden buttons closure. 

Pricing transparency for the Amoruso Bustier

The bustier is a gathered top with a sweetheart neckline, two straps, frontal entangled, and multiple buttons closure at the back.

Pricing transparency for the Amoruso Pants

The pants are high-waisted with a hidden front zipper, ruffle waist detailing with belt hooks, two frontal pleats, and side pockets. They come with a long detachable waist belt you can take off as you see fit.

The Sara Suit

Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx is an American businesswoman, a philanthropist, and an investor on Shark Tank. A self-made billionaire, she’s an avid supporter of women's entrepreneurship through her Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation, which she founded back in 2006 to support women through entrepreneurship, education, and the arts. A babe we approve obviously.

striped grey red blazer three piece suit

The Sara Suit is a 3 piece wool suit that comes in a dark grey hue, with thick burgundy stripes, featuring a bustier top, oversized blazer, and high waist pants. 

Pricing transparency for the Sara Blazer

The blazer has an oversized fit with a single-breasted style, embellished by laces from each side so you can tighten it up to create a fitted waistline or leave them loose for a more “I snatched this from my boyfriend” type of vibe. Crafted from the softest wool blend, this modern take on a man’s blazer is fully lined with a two-button closure, side pockets, wide lapels, and sleeve button detail. 

Pricing transparency for the Sara Bustier

The bustier is a gathered top with a sweetheart neckline, two straps, frontal entangled, and multiple buttons closure at the back.

Pricing transparency for the Sara Pants

The pants are tailored style fitted at the waist, made from a luxurious wool blend. These elegant high-waisted, slightly wide-leg trousers feature two front pleats with hidden button closure and a hidden zipper with two side pockets.

The C.J. Walker Suit

Sarah Breedlove, better known as Madam C.J.Walker was the first ever female self-made millionaire who at the time of her death was the wealthiest African-American businesswoman. She made her fortune by making and developing a line of cosmetics and hair care products for black women. She’s been an incredible businesswoman who defied the times she lived in and that’s precisely why she’s the inspiration behind this suit.

navy blue loose suit two piece set

The C.J. Walker 2-piece set features a blazer and a fit-to-flare pants that come in the most exquisite blue floral jacquard. 

Pricing transparency for the C.J. Walker Blazer

The blazer is an unconstructed, relaxed fit style, composed of luxurious silk. This long-sleeved blazer features shoulder pads, a self-tie knot sewn in the back seams of the blazer for better definition of the waistline, and wide shawl lapels. 

Pricing transparency for the C.J. Walker Pants

The pants have a hidden elastic waistband on the inside. They come in a classy fluid, fit-to-flare style with no outer seams. 

The Reese Suit

Named one of the world’s top 100 most influential women of 2021 by Forbes, Reese Witherspoon is the world’s richest actress with a career that spans across not just acting, but also producing and directing. Her iconic role as the dashing lawyer student Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is what inspired us to name this suit in her honor.

Dark blue oversizes woman suit set with shorts, blazer and vest

The Reese Suit is a 3 piece suit featuring a tailored vest with a rounded neckline, oversized blazer, and high waist ultra short pants. 

Pricing transparency for the Reese Blazer

Crafted from a cotton and wool blend, the oversized blazer comes in the darkest shade of blue complemented by barely there white dotted stripes with two front pockets, single button closure, and exaggerated wide lapels. 

Pricing transparency for the Reese Vest

The vest is a fitted piece with a three-button closure at the front, pointy finishing details at the bottom, and a right-side faux pocket. 

Pricing transparency for the Reese Pants

The pants are high-waisted, ultra mini A-line short pants with two side pockets, button closure, and a hidden zipper.

The Ava Suit

Ava DuVernay is a filmmaker, producer, director and the first black woman ever to be nominated by the Academy as a director in a feature category. I’ve been in awe of this woman ever since I first saw “When they See Us”. The way she masterfully told the heartbreaking story of 4 boys wrongfully accused of a henious crime was something that stayed with me for a long time. I guess that’s the power of Ava, to leave a long-lasting impression and that’s exactly the reason why this set was named after her. 

grey two piece loose suit

The Ava Suit is a 2 piece set comprised of a blazer and pants, made of the softest cashmere and wool blend.

Pricing transparency for the Ava Blazer

The blazer comes in a light slightly washed-out grey color and is made of a cashmere and wool blend with an unconstructed, loose fit. This long-sleeved jacket has wide shawl lapels, self-tie knots sewed into the back seams to better define the waist, shoulder padding, and two square wide pockets at the front. 

Pricing transparency for the Ava Pants

The pants have a hidden elastic waistband on the inside. They come in a classy fluid, fit-to-flare style with no outer seams.

The Barbara Jumpsuit

Clothes do not make the woman, but they can play a crucial part in significantly impacting your confidence. The story of Shark Tank’s fiercest woman investor Barbara Corcoran is proof of just how far investing in a truly well-made, high-quality piece of clothing can take you. We can’t help but agree with her infamous saying:

“That coat was the best investment I ever made in my business — and I would truly call it an investment, not a splurge, because it changed my attitude about myself. I thought I looked the part.

I bought it and I’m telling you — when I walked out of Bergdorf Goodman wearing that coat, I felt like the queen of New York real estate. I walked differently, I thought differently, I was like, I am somebody.”

The Barbara Jumpsuit bares her name. 

black striped jumpsuit long sleeve plunging neckline

Exuding extra power vibes, the Barbara jumpsuit is one piece overall, made to throw your enemies off their game. Featuring a shirt-like top with asymmetrical lapels and slightly oversized straight sleeves, wide-leg pants, and elastic waist details, the jumpsuit is the ultimate statement piece. Finished with a front patch pocket, a left side seam pocket, and wide cuffs with subtle wide pleat detailing.

Pricing transparency for the Barbara Jumpsuit

The Arlan Suit

Arlan Hamilton is an investor and author of a book I consider my bible entitled “It’s About Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated into Your Greatest Advantage” based on her personal journey into entrepreneurship and venture capital. She’s also a founder of a $15 million investment fund that supports underestimated entrepreneurs like women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community. Her podcast “Your First Million” is what we listen to religiously in our office. 

olive green striped three piece suit vest blazer pants

The Arlan Suit is a 3 piece suit made of the softest cotton and linen blend. It features a vest, oversized blazer, and high waist pants. 

Pricing transparency for the Arlan Pants

The pants are fit and flare with open back slits and a high waist. They have a hidden zipper and a front button closure with side pockets and front pleat detailing that elongates the silhouette.

Pricing transparency for the Arlan Vest

The vest is made of cream base linen with olive stripes at the front. Complemented with a mix of big and small brown matte buttons, the vest has a dramatic bareback with two ties that wrap around the waistline.

Pricing transparency for the Arlan Blazer

The blazer is an oversized, single-breasted style with a double button closure pocket flaps within an asymmetrical, slightly distorted rectangular shape and shoulder pads.

The Kirsten Dress

Kirsten Green is the founder of one of the biggest investment firms, Forerunner Ventures. With a $1billion fund under her belt, she has invested in companies such as Glossier and Faire, which we’re proudly part of, hence she deserves to be praised.

striped maxi dress with side slits

The Kirsten Dress is a cream-based ankle-length satin silk dress with red stripes, side slits, and a plunging neckline. The dress has side pockets, gathered shoulder detailing with an elastic waistband, and a detachable belt.

Pricing transparency for the Kirsten Dress

The Christiana

And last but never the least is Christiana Figueres, a global leader fighting against climate change and one of the key players in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. Since 2010, she has also been appointed as the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. As if she wasn’t impressive enough, in 2019 she was inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame in Kyoto, Japan for the extremely important work she has done on climate justice.

floral pink maxi dress plunging neckline front slits

The Christiana Dress is a floral number that reminds us so much of nature, hence the dedication. It features a plunging neckline with scarf detail, long slightly puffed sleeves elastic band that gathers around the waistline, and two dramatic front slits with button closures.

Pricing transparency for the Christiana Dress

Commending a room has never felt easier. Bursting with fortitude, this line is bound to give you that much-needed pep talk from the comfort of your mirror whenever you find yourself in doubt. Exuding power is the vibe this season. So grab these sets and run with the wolves girl.

The Boss Babes Collection is now available to shop on our website and if you want to know more about what went on behind the scenes, check this post. 
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