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BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Iron Ladies Collection

BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Iron Ladies Collection

If there’s one thing that’s defined our label throughout the years, it’s gotta be the celebration of strong women trailblazers. Honoring examplary babes who’ve defied socially imposed rulles, redefining the status quo has been at the centar of everything we do here at Bastet Noir and this time is no different. Inspired by the brilliance and tenacity of women architects, our last collection is a fusion of architectural lines, solid color pallete and a touch of edginess. Named the Iron Ladies Collection, the line celebrates the harmony between structured tailoring and feminine aesthetics with minimalistic silhouettes and sartorial fits. It is a testament to the power and grace that lie within every woman and it is dedicated to the women visionaries who’ve built and shaped civilizations. Join us as we take you behind the scenes for the making of this remarkable collection.

Inspiration Behind the Designs

The Zaha Dress inspired by Zaha Hadid

The Heydar Aliyev Center by Zaha Hadid, serves as inspiration for The Zaha Dress

Each design in the Iron Ladies Collection embraces the concept of sleek elegance and is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Through the fusion of architectural lines, solid color palette, and a touch of edginess, this collection invites women to embrace their strength and femininity simultaneously. The artfully crafted designs, featuring precise tailoring, impeccable French seams, and sleek minimalistic silhouettes, instill a revived admiration for the art of dressing while a color palette of olive, baby blue, white, black, and sand, adds to it an upscale note of refinement. 

Each piece in the collection is paying homage to a legendary woman architect bearing the names of such illuminaries like Zaha Hadid, Marion Mahony Griffin, Lina Bo Bardi, Kazuyo Sejima, Julia Morgan, Denise Scott Brown, Eileen Grey, and Carme Pigem. This delightful linen line is made in collaboration with Pupi Milena.


beige sparkly linen deadstock fabric sample

Striking the right balance between breathability and structure was the main reason why we decided to go with linen for this line. It was the only choice of fabric that could convey the desired aesthetic. Its natural texture enhances the architectural lines, while its versatility ensures both elevation of the classic silhouettes and the ultimate “feel like wearing pjs” level of comfort. Repurposing leftover fabrics into every new collection has become our thing and this time around this was no different. As usual, we hunted these from local small family owned facilities which resell deadstock fabrics, discarded by industry’s top fashion labels. So you can rest assure that quality is always there. 

Production Process 

 pattern making of the iron ladies collection

The manufacturing process represents the most demanding phase of every collection. It encompasses numerous fittings, late-night deliberations on seams, patterns, and a variety of production techniques to consider all to ensure the highest level of quality possible. Sometimes it can become quite exhausting. Nonetheless, the entire process can also be exceptionally fulfilling, particularly when witnessing the final outcome. The most remarkable aspect of this procedure is that every item is crafted with care by the community of single-parent women we collaborate with. This time, we have elevated our standards by introducing French seams, implementing double lining, and concealing zippers throughout the entire lineup. 

Down bellow we’ve covered the entire production process for The Carme Dress.


behind the scenes photoshoot model hena

Capturing the commanding energy and complex duality of women architects is a difficult task, some would even say an impossible one. This is why when searching for a model, we were looking for strength and confidence, but also a touch of feminity. When doing the casting, character was the first thing we were looking for, much more than perfect proportions this time around and we were ecstatic to find it in not one, but two models, Hena and Sara. 

behind the scenes bastet noir model sara

Both of them did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the collection and translating the spirit of it through screens. As it was crucial for us to promote inclusivity and celebrate diverse body types, we made sure this time around to feature a plus size model to represent the label. For us it’s super important for you to feel like each and every one of you is represented equally. Our Instagram stories featured sneak peeks from this photo shoot, but if you missed it, don’t worry! You can catch up on all the exciting moments in the video below.

The Transparency — Pricing


Pricing breakdown for the Carme Dress

Two years ago, we made the decision to be completely transparent, and we continue to uphold that tradition this year with a few minor tweaks. In light of everything happening in the world, we believe that it is our responsibility to alleviate your stress, particularly when it comes to shopping. After all, shopping should be a pleasant and carefree experience. Each item comes with a cost breakdown that shows the exact production costs and the precise number of hours it took us to create it. You can locate this breakdown in the highlights section of our Instagram page.

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