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BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the NYE EDIT editorial

BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the NYE EDIT editorial

Slipping from fall into winter can feel quite overwhelming, especially when the temperatures outside fall down bellow zero, as the sun sets earlier and even the thought of the slightest move out of your cozy, warm bed can cause a slight nausea. But come December, this painful transition seems to magically disappear as it becomes more bearable and even joyful with every sighting of a Christmas ornament and playful sound of a Christmas carol. You can’t help it, but rejoice to these addictive sounds as they replace the feelings of crippling coldness with waves of hopefulness and cheer that bring smile to even the grumpiest of faces. To celebrate Christmas spirit and all this holiday represents, we’ve launched our NYE special editorial, dedicated to December’s pure magical appeal, but also dedicated to a very young, brave woman whose battle with cancer is an ongoing struggle.


The black shirt dress by Bastet Noir
The black shirt dress by Bastet Noir

This year we’ve been fortunate to receive so many blessings, for which we are extremely grateful, so we felt like it’s our duty and responsibility to give back to those who needed the most. Our brand has always been associated with supporting, empowering, inspiring and elevating women and this month is no different. We felt like Caci’s story is our story. It deserves to be heard and supported. So, read on as we share why we’ve decided to donate 10% of our profits to help her kick cancer’s ass and take a peek behind the scenes for making of the NYE EDIT.

Caci's Story

Christmas is a magical time of the year mostly because it celebrates selflessness as well as a time to give to those who are less fortunate or are going through some challenging times. As you already know, we love empowering women, but we also feel that it is our duty to help them in times of need. So 10% of our profits of the NYE EDIT this month will go towards the treatment of a very brave and young individual, Slavica Todorovska (Caci) to help her beat cancer.The tragedy of her story is one, we’re sure has touched most of us either directly or indirectly. This is why we believe that it’s extremely important and crucial to support one another in times like this. In an effort to continue to use this platform for good, starting next year we will support 3 different charities whose work cover sex trafficking, victims of domestic violence and support of women single parents.

Bastet Noir will donate 10% of its profits for December to help Slavica Todorovska with her cancer treatment
Bastet Noir will donate 10% of its profits for December to help Slavica Todorovska with her cancer treatment

You can read more about Caci’ story and support the cause directly here.

Picking The Colors

For this editorial we wanted to go with plain white background and lots of light to exude the pure aspect of Christmas. As we all know this holiday is associated with extravaganza and abundance, but our intention was to bring out the pure, minimal side of it to remind you of the little things that make you happy, grateful and fulfilled, those same ones that you simply can’t buy with money. That’s why we left out the Christmas ornaments and decided to go with bare tree to accentuate the simplicity. Other than that we used the classical Christmas colors in the designs incorporated in a color palette consisted of fire-y scarlet red, sassy emerald green and classy, mysterious black hues.

The red turtleneck maxi dress by Bastet Noir
The red turtleneck maxi dress by Bastet Noir

The Designs

Last year we’ve launched a sequin collection that reflected our perception of Christmas. It was shiny, opulent and decadent. It was a reflection of Christmas splendor and everything we believed it meant at the time. Since then we’ve grown quite a bit and realized that even though new sparkly things will always tinkle our souls, the old ones with a story to tell will always hold a special place in our hearts. So this year, we’ve decided to pick our best sellers, make them in black and emerald green and style them up with golden accessories and cashmere sweaters.

The red turtleneck draped dress by Bastet Noir
The red turtleneck draped dress by Bastet Noir

The Styling

Going through this journey of running a fashion brand, with every new photoshoot we learn something new and different, which makes the whole process so exciting. Over the course of 2 years since we’ve launched our line, we’ve realized that if we wanted to make our brand timeless, beautiful and classy, our photos needed to include a bit more styling to be captivating and beautiful. That’s why for this photoshoot we’ve decided to work with a super talented, young creative star on the rise, Milena Tanaskoska, fashion stylist at Unique Magazine.


Milena Tanaskoska, fashion stylist at Unique magazineMilena Tanaskoska, fashion stylist at Unique magazine

Needless to say that she brought a soul to our designs by integrating oversized earrings in geometric shapes, cashmere sweaters and electric blue turtlenecks. The idea was to channel the colors of the 80s, so the edit can have a vintage vibe, but still remain contemporary and relevant for today. Her masterful way of combining the loose fits of the dresses and jumpsuits with chunky belts, golden and metallic accessories made this edit one of the best photoshoots so far.

Setting The Scene

All women are perfect in their own way, but what makes a woman special is her ability to be brave enough to experiment, to dare and be confident enough to say no to things, circumstances and people she believes are no longer welcomed in her life. We associate this raw, unhinged energy with power and that’s why within every photoshoot we make, we try to capture the spirit of that particular woman. 

Behind the scenes of the making of the NYE EDIT, the black turtleneck black dress by Bastet Noir
Behind the scenes of the making of the NYE EDIT, the black turtleneck black dress by Bastet Noir 

The setting of the photoshoot was round up by the accessories we used. Accessories always tend to either tone down the look or edge it up and for this photoshoot we chose the latter. We aimed for clean, polished aesthetic that will express the duality between the wild and the softer side of a woman paired with Bastet Noir pieces, shot on neutral, white backgrounds.

The black turtleneck black dress by Bastet Noir
The black turtleneck black dress by Bastet Noir

We wanted this NYE EDIT to genuinely be about spreading the Christmas joy. What we aimed for it to represent was to create something meaningful and not be just another clothing line in the sea of clothing brands flooding our Instagram feeds. We wanted it to feel like a beacon of hope, that will remind you that regardless of how messy life can get, there’s always a light at the end of it all, if you choose to believe it. Because after all that’s what December’s magic is all about, believing and helping each other get through it all.

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