BEHIND THE SCENES: The making of the Siciliana Collection

Midi palm blue and white printed dress with big to elbow sleeves, side pockets and front button closure

If you’re following us for some time now, you are probably aware that we love all things Italian. We even had a full collection dedicated to this heavenly piece of land, The Italian Affair. Well this season, since we can’t travel, we decided to capture all that lust and put it in the shape of a dress, so everyone can have a little Italy in the comfort of their home. Plus with the summer coming up, your legs and arms will be in desperate need of attention to show off. So we thought why not give it to them, if they are asking for it?

The Siciliana Collection is dedicated to the strength of Sicilian women, their perseverance, their wildly known Italian passion and the remarkable dedication and incredible sacrifices they’ve made for the sake of their families. Before revealing the names of the pieces and the inspiration behind them, let’s dive in the entire process from hunting the fabrics all the way to getting a finished product.

Picking The Fabrics And Colors

The floral print for The Natalie Dress

The Creative Process

The Production Process

This time around we went zero waste all the way, as we even used the leftover scraps and turned them into scrunchies. No scrap left behind people.

The Sofia Dress

The Marge Shorts And Shacket

The Jacquie Dress

The Lucia Dress

The Natalie Dress

The Sici Playsuit

🍕The Photoshoot🍕

The Team

The Transparency - Pricing

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