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Wool is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there! It is biodegradable, has great absorbency and is also water repellent, resilient and durable.
In order to make wool, producers harvest the hairs of sheep (or other animals) and spin them into yarn. Then, they weave this yarn into garments or other forms of textiles. When woven into textiles, wool has a natural waviness called “crimp.” This crimp contributes to wool’s insulative properties, which exist because wool and its bulkiness naturally traps air. Some types of wool have more crimp than others, and the more crimp there is in a woolen garment, the more insulative it is.
In addition, wool has antibacterial properties so it does not require frequent washing.
All of our wool fabrics are deadstock, meaning we give left over fabrics a second chance to become something amazing. 


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