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Pure Silk

Pure Silk
Silk is the most luxurious fabric, as well as the most comfortable one and the most absorbent of materials. It has almost the same absorbency as wool.
Silk mainly consists of fibroin - a protein that certain types of insect larvae secrete to make cocoons. While other insects also produce silk-like substances, most of the world’s silk is derived from Bombyx mori larvae, which are worms that only live on mulberry trees. Due to this type of limited production, silk is quite expensive, and rightly so. 
In regard to maintenance, it is often recommended for garments made of silk to be dry-cleaned, as it is a quite sensitive fabric, but you can also hand wash the fabric on 30degrees. And best of all, the fabric is cool in summer and warm in winter! 
All of our pure silk fabrics are deadstock, meaning we give left over fabrics a second chance to become something amazing. 




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