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Custom-Made According To Client's Measurements By Community of Women Single Parents

Welcome To The Before

Before there were fancy photos and garments galore, there were hours spent researching, planning, sewing and shooting. This is our way of bringing that never-before-seen side of your most beloved collections.

Behind The Scenes

daniela milosheska sustainable brand owner bastet noir


Dear dudettes, Bare with me, as this is going to be a grim one. Why you ask? Because this year was an uphill battle with so much tumbling and falling. You know how I always want to share with you ...
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A Year In Retrospect: Letter From Our Founder

A Year In Retrospect: Letter From Our Founder

Dear Dudettes, It seems like it was only yesterday when I sat down to pen one of these (well not literally pen, but you get the point:)). It’s hard to believe that in those moments between then an...
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