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COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Ellis Ranson, Celebrity Fashion Stylist

COOL FACES OF BASTET NOIR: Meet Ellis Ranson, Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Becoming a business owner and starting something new in an industry where you don’t have someone to guide you through it could be any person’s nightmare. With little to no support or any words of wisdom before diving head into the fashion industry, it can chew you up and spit you out before you even manage to get half a foot through the door. That is why it takes a certain kind of courage to go after your dreams, and a certain kind of kindness to then learn from your mistakes and pass that knowledge down to those who want to continue in your footsteps. Our latest Cool Face of Bastet Noir did just that: from countless small mistakes to countless small wins, she created a business that will not only help, but inspire anyone who wants to join the fashion industry. 

British fashion stylist Ellis Ranson has been working in the field for more than 8 years, specializing in red carpet attire, as well as Fashion, Commerical and Celebrity dressing. Along with her celebrity clients, Ellis has worked with a range of brands, from high end to high street. She just established her own styling company, “School of Style,” a course intended to instruct aspiring fashion stylists on the ins and outs of the industry. If you’d like to know more about her inspiring story, keep on reading. 

 Ellis Ranson is wearing The Sara Blazer and BustierEllis Ranson is wearing The Sara Blazer and Bustier

Who is Ellis Ranson?

I am a 29-year-old fashion stylist from Essex. I have been styling for just over 10 years and have loved fashion since I can remember! I love to add colour into my wardrobe and my favourite thing other than clothes is laughing!

What’s your morning routine like?

As I work for myself, no day is the same. I always like to wake up and have some time to have a cup of tea and my ginger shot and go through my emails/plan my day or week (unless I have a 7am call time then its quick tea, shower and out).

In your impressive career as a fashion stylist, you’ve worked with celebrities such as Kate Ferdinand and Megan McKenna, as well as with magazine publications such as L’Officiel and Flanelle. Has there been a standout project you’ve participated in that appeared more challenging than the rest? 

Red carpets can always be tricky as so much pressure on one look to be amazing and a lot of the time you have to go bigger and better than your last carpet. Every job has its challenges, but I put a lot of trust into the post, and postal strikes are not my best friend ha!

Ellis Ranson is wearing The Sara Blazer and BustierEllis Ranson is wearing The Sara Blazer and Bustier

You are the founder of School of Style, a 6-week course aimed to help aspiring fashion stylists make it in the industry and learn from experienced professionals. How did this idea come to be and what were your main objectives?

I completely winged it when it came to going freelance, I skipped the step of assisting for years and went straight in and there was so much I missed out on being taught. I came home from a few shoots in tears due to silly errors (majority of the time no one else would have even noticed) but then it always worked out and I felt like I just wish I almost had a styling fairy godmother who could have helped me when I was stuck... So I decided to be that for others. I can’t teach students to be stylish, that’s so personal and unique but I can teach the skills needed to be a stylist and what it takes to be successful, how to behave on set, what you need in your kit bag, those basics which help you grow into an established stylist. It’s such a rewarding process when I see my students excelling.

Three things you wish you knew before starting out?

You carry a lot of suitcases and spend a lot of time in the post office.
Everyone is actually really lovely and helpful, don’t be afraid to ask the questions and network. 
It’s only 40% glamorous. The rest of the time you just about get time to brush your hair.

    Biggest setback in life and what you’ve learned from it? 

    I am really afraid to hurt people’s feelings and that’s not a terrible quality, but in business it can be and I have had to learn it’s not personal, it is work and you have to push and go for things to grow. And if you are honest and true to yourself people will respect that.

    Ellis Ranson is wearing The Sara Blazer and BustierEllis Ranson is wearing The Sara Blazer and Bustier

    Books that changed your life

    I am a sucker for a good fiction, I spend so much time working and researching a good book is my perfect escape so when I am stressed, I make sure I have a good book for on the train! I also recently read “Stolen Focus” which I highly recommend. ‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” It has a lot of amazing quotes in there. My friend also bought me “Clarity & Connection” and said just every day or when you are feeling confused or unsure about how you feel just open it at random at a page and read the quote, I keep this by my bedside.

    Favourite female empowerment speech

    I work with a lot of women daily on shoots and feel empowered by this. I loved the Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards and felt every woman who won or was nominated was completely celebrated and gave beautiful advice.

    What’s in your Bastet Noir cart? 

    It’s filling up!! I love The Nellie Trench Coat - the perfect transitional piece to wear all year round. I also think The Sara Blazer & Bustier are so versatile and can be mixed and matched really well.

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