Carbon Neutral Shipping
Custom-Made According To Client's Measurements By Community of Women Single Parents



According to Global Fashion Agenda, the average number of times a customer wears a garment before disposal is 10 times.

As a small business whose ethics are based on sustainability and social responsibility, we are aware that extending the life of garments has a substantial environmental benefit. As shown in this study, extending the life of clothes by as little as nine months reduces their carbon, water, and waste footprints by 20-30% each, in addition to the cost of resources necessary to supply, launder, and dispose of them by 20%

The most essential thing we can do as a company is to continue to encourage women to wear the same Bastet Noir item more than once, which we make easier with the help of FJONG - a sustainable fashion rental service. 

Renting garments with FJONG is simple, affordable, and secure. The price includes dry cleaning, wear and tear, and shipping/return. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, if an item doesn't fit or you're not satisfied, you'll receive your money back.

So, don't wait up! If you've got a fancy occasion on the horizon, or want to try out Bastet Noir before investing in your lifetime piece, look no further, FJONG has you covered.

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